Labor Turnover Statistics (in Metro Manila enterprises) Fourth Quarter 2016

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Thursday, April 27, 2017
The Labor Turnover Survey (LTS) is a quarterly sample survey of enterprises conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) since the third quarter of 2002. The survey aims to capture “job creations” and “job displacements” in business enterprises based in Metro Manila by collecting quarterly data on accessions and separations of workers.
A total of 1,232 enterprises served as respondents to the fourth quarter round of the 2016 Labor Turnover Survey. The sample enterprises were drawn from the 2015 List of Enterprises. The retrieval rate for this quarter was placed at 100.0 percent.
Metro Manila-based enterprises continues to yield increases in employment in the last quarter of 2016
  • Measured in terms of labor turnover rates - employment growth remained positive during fourth quarter of 2016 as accession rate (11.14%) surpassed separation rate (7.79%) by 3.36 percentage points. This is significantly higher than the 0.62 percent rate in the same period of the previous year. (Table 1)
  • Positive labor turnover rates were evident in thirteen (13) out of eighteen (18) industries. (Table 2)
Thirty four per 1,000 employed are added to the enterprise workforce
  • The 3.36 percent labor turnover rate implied an addition of thirty four (34) workers per 1,000 employed to the workforce during the period.
  • Specifically, this meant that for every 1,000 employed, 111 workers were hired by the enterprises either for their expansion or replacement while 78 workers were separated from their jobs.


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