Most Common Filipino Names : 2005

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The NSO-Office of the Civil Registrar General (NSO-OCRG) received a total of 1,688,918 copies of birth certificates from Local Civil Registry Offices nationwide on births reported to have occurred from January 2005 to December 2005. More than half (52.0 percent) or a total of 878,084 of the reported births in the year 2005 were males while 48.0 percent or 810,834 babies born then were females. 

About 0.9 percent or 7,758 of the total male births reported were named “Joshua”, while 0.6 percent or 4,722 of the total female births were named “Angel.”
The name “Joshua,” a biblical character who is the successor of Moses as leader of the Israelites, has always been the most preferred choice of Filipino parents for their male siblings since the year 2000 except in the years 2004 and 2002.
In 2004, while the name “Joshua’ ranked second in the Top Five Most Common Filipino Names Among Males, there were 259 (3.3 percent) more baby boys or a total 8,017 births reported bearing the said name than in 2005.
On the other hand, the name “Angel”, which means a divine being who acts as a messenger of  God or a spirit that protects  and offers guidance in some religions, was the favorite name for female babies born in 2005.  For the first time in the last four consecutive years (2000-2004), “Angel” surpassed the name “Angelica” which wasconsistently on top. 
Other names in the top lists of choices by Filipinos were actually a variation of names from the root word “angel.”  The names “Angela” and ”Angeline” were on the fourth and 15th place, respectively among females.  Relatedly, “Angelo” ranked 10th among males.  
Meanwhile, nine of the Top 10 most common double-worded names among males in 2005 had “John” as first name– John Paul, John Mark, John Lloyd, John Michael, John Carlo, John Rey, John Benedict, John Patrick and John Vincent.
For baby girls given “combo” names, “Mary” was the favorite in 2005.  In fact five of those in the top ten were Mary Joy, Mary Grace, Mary Rose, Mary Jane and Mary Ann.