NCR and CALABARZON are Top Migrant Destinations (Results from the 2018 National Migration Survey)

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Results of the first National Migration Survey conducted in the country indicated that NCR and CALABARZON are the top lifetime migrant destination regions in the country, followed by Central Luzon, Davao Region and Central Visayas (Table 1).

Lifetime migrants are defined as those who are now residing in a place different from the usual residence of their mother at the time of their birth.  About four in ten Filipinos are lifetime migrants.  The change in residence most commonly involved movement from one region to another (23%), followed by movement from one city/municipality to another within the same province (12%) (Table 2).

In contrast to lifetime migration, only 15 percent of Filipinos migrated in the past five years, of which 13 percent moved within the country (internal migrants), while two percent moved to/from another country (international migrants) (Table 3).

For inter-regional migration in the past five years, NCR and CALABARZON remained the most common destination regions but at the same time, also registered the largest number of out-migrants in the same period (Table 4).

CALABARZON, NCR and Central Visayas were the top local intended destinations of the 14 percent of Filipinos who intended to move in the next five years (Table 5).


National Statistician and Civil Registrar General