Certified records now available by phone

Release Date: 

Monday, June 12, 2000


Securing certifications of birth, death, marriage and no marriage from the National Statistics Office (NSO) can now be done with a simple phone call.

Instead of travelling all the way to the NSO, waiting in line for hours to file a request and having to go back to pick up the document, all that one has to do now is dial 737-1111, apply for your document through a customer care officer taking note of specific instructions on how to pay for your document, and the requested document will be delivered via LBC courier right at one's doorstep seven working days later.

The service, called NSO Helpline Plus, is available round-the-clock nationwide. Hub of operations is Metro Manila. Calls to the helpline from outside Metro Manila will incur the normal long distance charges for a call to Manila.

Aside from enabling easy and hassle-free ordering of documents, NSO Helpline Plus also gives the public 24-hour access to information on civil registration guidelines and procedures, quick statistics and general information on the NSO.

With this new service, the NSO - which last year processed and average of 9,423 certificates per day - expect shorter queues at its offices and more informed transactors, making for faster, more orderly transactions.

The service is being offered by the NSO through the state-of-the-art call center technology and management expertise of Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc. in cooperation with LBC.

Source: The Philippine Star