Philippine Yearbook

Release Date: 

Friday, July 1, 2011
  Probes into the country's main sociopolitical and economic affairs based on the analyses of most relevant statistics. Has over a thousand pages of information and features close to 500 of the latest tables and directories produced by various government agencies.

A special feature article tackling relevant topics is highlighted in every issue. This book is most sought after by planners and policymakers in government and movers in business and the academe.

Its 24 chapters cover practically every major aspect of the Philippine life, governance, industry, and economy.

Document type:    Book (hard bound)
Frequency:    Annual                                                                             No. of pages
     2008 - New (available in CD)  
     2007 - 1,168
     2006 - 1,168
     2005 - Out of stock (available in CD-PDF only)  
     * No 2004 Edition  
     2003 1,243
     2002 1,264
     2001 1,328
    2005-2006 Philippine Yearbook in CD-PDF is now available!!!