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The Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) offered its registration and ePhilID issuance services to attendees of the Bagong Pilipinas Campaign Kick-Off Rally at the Quirino Grandstand in Ermita, Manila. 

Attendees register to PhilSys

Attendees register to PhilSys during the Bagong Pilipinas Campaign Kick-Off Rally. 

The event, which also brought a Serbisyo Fair featuring services from other government agencies, highlighted the administration’s campaign to usher the country towards change and development. Memorandum Circular No. 24, s. 2023, issued on 07 July 2023, detailed the Bagong Pilipinas brand of governance and leadership as a "principled, accountable and dependable government reinforced by unified institutions of society, whose common objective is to realize the goals and aspirations of every Filipino.”

PhilSys personnel of NCR 1 assists the attendees

PhilSys personnel from the Provincial Statistical Office – NCR I offers assistance to attendees of the Bagong Pilipinas Campaign Kick-Off Rally.  

Through the PhilSys services made available during the campaign kick-off, a total of 94 participants were able to register, while 192 were able to successfully claim their ePhilIDs. Information materials such as flyers and brochures were also provided.  

Participants were also able to consult civil registry documents-related concerns to Civil Registration Service (CRS) personnel from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

“The PSA is honored to be part of the momentous launch of the Bagong Pilipinas Campaign,” said PSA Undersecretary Claire Dennis S. Mapa, National Statistician and Civil Registrar General.

“In the same way that Bagong Pilipinas aims to implement an all-inclusive plan for economic and social transformation, we, at the PSA, are committed to ensuring coverage of all Filipinos in PhilSys to allow them to reap the benefits of having a valid proof of identity, including access to social protection programs, and various financial products and services,” he added.

In addition, PhilSys Registry Office Officer-in-Charge, Deputy National Statistician Fred S. Sollesta, who was present during the campaign kick-off, encouraged Filipinos to register to PhilSys.

“We assure the public that our efforts in the continued implementation of PhilSys will remain inclusive in all aspects, from registration to PhilID and ePhilID issuance, and use cases,” he said. “We call on all Filipinos to be part of PhilSys and join us in working towards a Makabagong Pilipinas.”

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