Provincial Estimates of Employment Rate and Labor Force Participation Rate from Quarterly Labor Force January 2016

Release Date: 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Technical Notes on Standard Error (SE) And Coefficient of Variation (CV)

This report contains the computed SE for the Employment Rates and Labor Force Participation Rates of the Labor Force Survey (LFS) for January 2016. The statistical package STATA was used in the computation using the final survey weight and treating each enumeration area as the primary sampling unit. A sampling error is usually measured in terms of the standard error for a particular statistic. A standard error is a measure of dispersion of an estimate from the expected value. The SE can be used to calculate confidence intervals within which the true value for the population can be estimated, while the CV is a measure of relative variability that is commonly used to assess the precision of survey estimates. The CV is defined as the ratio of the standard error and the estimate. An estimate with CV value of less than 10 percent is considered precise.