PSA Enjoins Support for the National Migration Survey

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Thursday, April 26, 2018


The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), in collaboration with the University of the Philippines (UP), particularly, the UP Population Institute (UPPI), will hold the National Migration Survey (NMS) in 2,940 areas (primary sampling units) across the country from May to August 2018. The NMS aims to provide information on the mobility of Philippine population in order to assist policymakers and program managers in evaluating and designing strategies for improving services and assistance to people going abroad or moving within the country. Funding support for the survey is from the Philippine Government, through the General Appropriations Act.
About three hundred sixty (360) Field Interviewers and Supervisors will be involved in the conduct of data collection for the NMS. Around 45,000 randomly selected sample housing units will be visited, and households within those housing units will be interviewed using the Household Questionnaire (NMS Form 1) to collect demographic and socio-economic information on all usual members of the household (de jure). The respondent for this questionnaire is the head of the household. In case the household head is absent, any responsible adult member of the household who is knowledgeable of information pertaining to the household members will be interviewed.
The NMS Form 1 permits the interviewer to identify household members eligible to be interviewed with Individual Questionnaire (NMS Form 2). All the household members 15 years old and over with migration experience, and one non-migrant household member are eligible to be interviewed using NMS Form 2.  
The NMS Form 2 collects information that directly concerns the individual respondent’s migration experience. In particular, topics include: first-ever migration and migration in the past five years, pre-migration situations, motives for moving, job/business in the host city/municipality (in the case of internal or within the country migration) or host country (in the case of international migration), migration networks and assistance received in host city/municipality or country, engagement/membership in migrant associations and training/education received (abroad), return migration, current job/business, remittances, migration intentions, and experience on involuntary labor/work arrangement.
The PSA encourages the public, especially the sampled households, as well as local officials, to support and cooperate in the conduct of the NMS.
Assistant Secretary
(Deputy National Statistician)