PSA Renews the Clearance of the Conduct of 2018 Anti-Red Tape Act Report Card Survey

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Thursday, February 1, 2018
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) granted anew the clearance of the conduct of 2018 Anti-Red Tape Act Report Card Survey (ARTA RCS) of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) on 23 January 2018.
The results of the 2018 ARTA RCS will be used by CSCto obtain feedback on how agencies follow provisions in the Citizen’s Charter and to assess their performance in relation to frontline service delivery and its fulfillment of the provisions of the ARTA, its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) and Administrative (AO) Order 241. Furthermore, the CSC will use the findings to obtain information on hidden costs incurred by clients in accessing frontline services as well as to gatherinformation on persistent problems on turn-around time for processing transaction, delivery of core functions of identified agencies, and other substantive aspects of improving service delivery.
The data items to be collected in the survey include the following:
  • compliance to the Citizen’s Charter provisions
  • agency performance 
  • hidden costs incurred by clients to access frontline services
  • client satisfaction on services rendered by government offices
The survey will collect data from 15,750 respondents from a total of 525 target government agencies/officesin the country under the jurisdiction of CSC Regional offices in all regions.The undertakingwill start on the 4th week of February 2018. A total budget amounting to Php 21.6 million will be utilized to cover personal services, maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) such as travelling expenses, supplies and printing of materials. Results of the survey are expected to be released in January 2019.
Meanwhile, the key results of the 2016 ARTA RCS are as follows:
  • 140 of 1,109 (12.6 percent) government offices with frontline services obtained an “excellent” rating while around 11.5 percent (127 offices) received a ‘failed’ mark
  • Among local government offices in cities and municipalities, Santiago City in Isabela topped the survey with a rating of 96.5 percent. Similarly, local government offices in Barangay Calao West (located in Santiago City, Isabela) got the highest rating (96.6 percent) among all barangay offices in the Philippines
  • Silay City Water District (Negros Occidental) obtained the highest mark among local water districts with 92.9 percent followed by Concepcion Water District (Tarlac) with 92.8 percent
  • West Visayas State University posted a mark of 87.7 percent (outstanding), the highest among 53 state universities and colleges (SUCs) covered in the survey
  • Branches of Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) in San Isidro, Isabela and Camp Crame, Quezon City both recorded an “excellent” rating of 93.5 percent and 93.3 percent, respectively
The results for 2017 ARTA RCS will be released in February 2018.
The approval of the 2018 ARTA RCS is pursuant tothe Statistical Survey Review andClearance System (SSRCS), a mechanism being implemented by the PSA by virtue of Rule 28 of Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act(RA) No. 10625 to:
  • ensure sound design for data collection;
  • minimize the burden placed upon respondents; 
  • effect economy in statistical data collection; 
  • eliminate unnecessary duplication of statistical data collection efforts; and 
  • achieve better coordination of government statistical activities.
In line with this, the PSA enjoins public to support the said survey.
For further information on SSRCS, please contact the Statistical Standards Division (SSD) of the Standards Service (SS) with telephone numbers (02) 376-1928 and (02) 376-1931, and email address: or
National Statistician and Civil Registrar General