The PSQ Logo

Release Date: 

Friday, September 14, 2012

PSQ logo
View the logo from its bidirectional, yet concentric perspective. PSQ Logo Enlarging circles emanating from southeast to northwest, calls your attention to the nationwide coverage and vision of the PSQ - statistics in support of nation-building. On the other hand, the gold circle in the southeast corner draws your sights downwards from the definitive pointed end of the enlarging circles to the open hole that marks the central reference point. GOLD for knowledge.

The golden circle is the uncovered aperture created by the PSQ through which the youth and studentry (represented by the GREEN) gain access to statistics. Statistics - Philippine style.

In its unadorned position within the square-shaped boundaries, the circle is also the tail of the "Q" (for Quiz) built-up by the positive-negative interplay of gold and green on white.

The PSQ is firmly cradled in the nurturing arms of her institutional supporters (BLUE corners in the northeast and southwest), especially her birthing parents - National Statistics Office and the Philippine Statistical Association.