Religious Affliation


Classification Systems

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00 None
01 Aglipay
02 Alliance of Bible Christian Communities of the Philippines
03 Assemblies of God
04 Association of Baptist Churches in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
05 Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in the Philippines
06 Baptist Conference of the Philippines
07 Bible Baptist Church
08 Bread of Life Ministries
09 Buddhist
10 Cathedral of Praise, Incorporated
11 Charismatic Full Gospel Ministries
12 Christ the Living Stone Fellowship
13 Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of the Philippines
14 Christian Missions in the Philippines
15 Church of Christ
16 Church of God World Mission in the Philippines
17 Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints
18 Church of the Nazarene
19 Christian Reformed Church in the Philippines, Incorporated
20 Conservative of the Philippine Baptist Church
21 Convention of the Philippine Baptist Church
22 Crusaders of the Divine Church of Christ, Incorporated
23 Door of Faith
24 Evangelical Christian Outreach Foundation
25 Evangelical Free Church of the Philippines
26 Evangelical Presbyterian Church
27 Faith Tabernacle Church (Living Rock Ministries)
28 Filipino Assemblies of the First Born, Incorporated
29 Foursquare Gospel Church in the Philippines
30 Free Believers in Christ Fellowship
31 Free Methodist Church
32 Free Mission in the Philippines, Incorporated
33 General Baptist Churches of the Philippines
34 Good News Christian Churches
35 Higher Ground Baptist Mission
36 IEMELIF Reform Movement
37 Iglesia Evangelica Unida de Cristo
38 Iglesia Evangelista Methodista en Las Islas Filipinas (IEMELIF)
39 Iglesia Filipina Independiente
40 Iglesia ni Cristo
41 Iglesia sa Dios Espiritu Santo, Incorporated
42 Independent Baptist Churches of the Philippines
43 Independent Baptist Missionary Fellowship
44 International One Way Outreach
45 Islam
46 Jehovah's Witness
47 Jesus Christ Saves Global Outreach
48 Jesus is Alive Community, Incorporated
49 Jesus is Lord Church
50 Jesus Reigns Ministries
51 Love of Christ International Ministries
52 Lutheran Church of the Philippines
53 Miracle Life Fellowship International
54 Miracle Revival Church of the Philippines
55 Missionary Baptist Churches of the Philippines
56 Pentecostal Church of God Asia Mission
57 Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association
58 Philippine Ecumenical Christian Church
59 Philippine Episcopal Churche
60 Philippine Evangelical Mission
61 Philippine General Council of the Assemblies of God
62 Philippine Good News Ministries
63 Philippine Grace Gospel
64 Philippine Independent Catholic Church
65 Philippine Missionary Fellowship
66 Philippine Pentecostal Holiness Church
67 Potter's House Christian Center
68 Presbyterian Church in the Philippines
69 Roman Catholic, including Catholic Charismatic
70 Salvation Army, Philippines
71 Seventh Day Adventist
72 Southern Baptist Church
73 Take the Nation for Jesus Global Ministries (Corpus Christi)
74 Things to Come
75 UNIDA Evangelical Church
76 United Church of Christ in the Philippines
77 United Evangelical Church of the Philippines (Chinese)
78 Union Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas, Incorporated
79 United Methodists Church
80 United Pentecostal Church (Philippines), Incorporated
81 Universal Pentecostal Church
82 Victory Chapel Christian Fellowship
83 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of the Philippines, Incorporated (Jehovah's Witnesses)
84 Way of Salvation
85 Way of Salvation Church Incorporated, The
86 Wesleyan Church, The
87 Word for the World
88 Word International Ministries, Incorporated
89 World Missionary Evangelism
90 Worldwide Church of God
91 Zion Christian Community Church
92 Other Baptists
93 Other Evangelical Churches
94 Other Methodists
95 Other Protestants
96 Tribal religions
97 Other religious affiliations

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