SAFETY AND HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE . . . Types of Injury, Parts of the Body Injured, Causes and Agents of Injury (Third of a four-part series)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016
This series of LABSTAT Updates present statistical briefs on cases of occupational injuries and diseases that affected workers in establishments in 2013. The statistics came from the 2013/2014 Integrated Survey on Labor and Employment (ISLE), formerly BLES Integrated Survey (BITS), conducted in 2014 by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). 
The ISLE is a nationwide survey covering 8,399 establishments with 20 or more workers in 69 industry groups. It generates statistics on employment of specific groups of workers; occupational shortages and surpluses; training of workers; productivity improvement and gainsharing practices; occupational safety and health practices; occupational injuries and diseases; and labor cost of employees that can be used as basis for policy and program formulation and evaluation.
Specifically, this third issue (Vol. 20 No. 1) of the series discusses the types of injury, parts of the body injured, and causes and agents of occupational injuries that resulted to workdays lost of workers in establishments in 2013 compared with those in 2011. The metadata and the statistical tables of the survey are posted at the PSA website.  (The earlier series of LABSTAT Updates on occupational injuries and diseases were entitled “Are our workplaces safe?”.)
Survey results showed that manufacturing accounted for the highest number of cases of injuries by type of injury, part of the body injured and cause and agent of occupational injuries for both 2013 and 2011.