Survey on Information and Communication Technology (SICT)

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2651 - 8252

Presents the final results of the survey covering the 18 sectors of the economy. It includes statistics on the number of establishments, employment, and proportion of establishments with computer, computer networks and e-commerce transactions presented at the national and regional levels for establishments in the Information Economy (IE) or core ICT industries. It also contains statistics for establishments under the non-core ICT industries and those engaged in Business Process Management (BPM) activities presented at the national level by industry sub-class.

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2015 PDF PDF icon 2015 SICT Publication
2013 PDF PDF icon 2013 SICT Publication
2010 PDF PDF icon 2010 SICT Publication
2009 PDF PDF icon 2009 SICT Publication
2008 PDF PDF icon 2008 SICT Publication
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