Updates on Palay and Corn Estimates

Reference Number : 2022-263
Release Date : 27 June 2022

Palay and corn production from April to June 2022 may increase based on data on standing crop as of 01 May 2022, compared with the estimated production of palay and corn during the period of April to June 2021.

Reference Number : 2022-190
Release Date : 25 May 2022

The updated January to March 2022 production on palay based on standing crop as of 01 March 2022 may be lower than the January to March 2021 estimated production. On the other hand, the probable corn output may be higher than the January to March... Read more about Updates on January-March 2022 Palay and Corn Estimates, 01 March 2022.

Seasonally Adjusted Palay/Rice Production and Prices

Reference Number : 2022-66
Release Date : 09 February 2022

The deseasonalized palay production from October to December 2021 was 5,009 thousand metric tons, which is lower by -2.7 percent than the third quarter output of 5,147 thousand metric tons. This quarter’s performance when deseasonalized, was... Read more about Seasonally Adjusted Palay/Rice Production and Prices, October-December 2021.

Reference Number : 2021-516
Release Date : 28 December 2021

The Seasonally adjusted palay production for the third quarter of 2021 was 5,021 thousand metric tons, 4.3 percent above the 4,985 thousand metric tons of the preceding quarter's output.

Year on year, this quarter's performance when... Read more about Seasonally Adjusted Palay/Rice Production and Prices, July-September 2021.

Rice and Corn Stocks Inventory

Reference Number : 2022-202
Release Date : 24 May 2022

The total rice stocks inventory as of 01 April 2022 was recorded at 2,506.13 thousand metric tons. This registered an increase of 2.5 percent from the previous year’s level of 2,444.31 thousand metric tons. Furthermore, the rice stocks inventory... Read more about Rice and Corn Stocks Inventory, April 2022.

Reference Number : 2022-183
Release Date : 16 May 2022

As of 01 March 2022, the estimated total rice stocks inventory was registered at 1,632.51 thousand metric tons. This indicates an annual decrease of -21.5 percent compared with the inventory of 2,080.10 thousand metric tons in March 2021. In... Read more about Rice and Corn Stocks Inventory, March 2022.