Seasonally Adjusted Palay/Rice Production and Prices, April to June 2021

Reference Number : 2021-360
Release Date : 13 September 2021


The deseasonalized palay production from April to June 2021 was  4,898 thousand metric tons, slightly lower  by  -0.1  percent  than  the first quarter output of 4,901 thousand metric tons. (Table 1)

Year-on-year, this quarter’s performance when deseasonalized was up by 0.3 percent than the previous year’s same quarter level of 4,883 thousand metric tons. (Figure 1 and Table 1)

Figre 1 Quarterly Palay Production


For April-June 2021, the deseasonallized farmgate price of palay at  PhP 16.87 per kilogram went down by -1.6 percent from the preceding quarter’s price of PhP 17.15 per kilogram. Likewise, a decrease of -8.9 percent was noted compared with its previous year’s same period farmgate price of PhP 18.51 per kilogram. (Figure 2 and Table 1)

Figure 2 Quarterly Farmgate Prices of Palay

In the second quarter of 2021, the recorded wholesale price of rice reduced to PhP 37.37 per kilogram or by -0.5 percent from the first quarter’s quotation of PhP 37.54 per kilogram. Relatively, it was lower by -4.4   percent   from   the   previous   year's   same   quarter   list    of PhP 39.07 per kilogram. (Figure 3 and Table 2)

Figure 3 Quarterly Wholesale Prices of Rice

Figure 4 Quarterly Retail Prices of Rice

For this quarter, the seasonally adjusted retail price of rice at PhP 42.73 per kilogram went up 1.7 percent from the previous quarter’s retail price of PhP 42.02 per kilogram. On the contrary, the present quarter’s seasonally adjusted retail price displayed a decrease of -0.2 percent from the same period in the 2020 record of PhP 42.80 per kilogram. (Figure 4 and Table 2)

National Statistician and Civil Registrar General