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Customer Satisfaction Survey - December 2012

Reference Number: 2013-33
Release Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Proportion of Satisfied Clients Goes Up to 79.8 Percent (Results from the December 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey)

The proportion of satisfied clients increased to 79.8 percent based from the results of December 2012 customer satisfaction survey round. The overall proportion of satisfied clients during the period posted an increase of 9.2 percentage points to 79.8 percent from 70.6 percent registered last September 2012. The satisfaction rating in the same period last year was about the same, 80 percent. Satisfaction rating is measured as the percentage of clients surveyed during the reference period who were either satisfied or very satisfied with NSO’s civil registry services.

The net satisfaction rating in December 2012 stood at +78.3 percent, the highest since December 2010 and a 10.2 percentage points higher than the previous quarter’s (September 2012) net satisfaction rating of +68.1. Net Satisfaction rating measures the difference between the proportion of satisfied and dissatisfied clients.

A total of 642 thousand processed transactions in December 2012 were served all over the country. Of this number, about 35 percent or 230 thousand transactions were processed and released in Metro Manila service areas covered by the survey.  These areas include the NSO Civil Registration Service Areas in East Avenue, Quezon City (Application, Releasing, Endorsement, Party Waiting, and Travel Agency areas) and the five (5) other Metro Manila Outlets (Makati, Caloocan, Muntinlupa, Pasig, and Pasay Census Serbilis Centers).  

More clients (84.3%) in civil registry service areas in East Avenue, Quezon City felt satisfied or very satisfied with the services they received. This figure was slightly better than the proportion of satisfied or very satisfied clients (79.8%) served in the other five Metro Manila service areas in December 2012.


The number of clients who reported to have been served within 30 minutes improved to 38 percent in December 2012, up by 7 percentage points than the figure observed in September 2012 (31%).  

Most of the service areas covered by the survey showed improvement in the proportion of clients who reported to have been served within 30 minutes during the survey period. The remaining three (3) service areas; Travel Agency, Party Waiting, and Caloocan Census Serbilis Outlet experienced decreases from their previous quarter’s figures. The Application area in East Avenue, Quezon City had the biggest proportion (70%) of clients served within 30 minutes during the December 2012 survey round. 

The biggest increase was recorded in Muntinlupa Census Serbilis Outlet (36 percentage points) while the biggest drop in the proportion of clients served within 30 minutes was observed in the Travel Agency area (28 percentage points).


About six of every ten or 60.4 percent of the respondents/clients were female; two of every five or 40.5 percent were within the 20 to 29 age group; and majority had at least college education (64.8%).  More than half of the respondents/clients reported to be unemployed (53.4%).  Most of the interviewed clients (75.6%) resided in Metro Manila while only (24.4%) came from areas outside Metro Manila. 

About three of every ten clients (30.9%) secured civil registry documents as a requirement for the issuance of passport.  Other reasons given were Local Employment (17.1%), Embassy (14.9%), School requirement (12.1%), and GSIS/SSS (10.1%).  Most of the NSO clients (68.2%) requested for the issuance of birth certificate followed by clients (17.8%) who reported to have availed the civil registry services of NSO to secure copy issuance of marriage certificate.