Highlights of the 9th National Workshop on Civil Registration (9NWCR) - Day 1

Release Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2018
9NWCR commences at SMX
The 9th National Workshop on Civil Registration formally commenced today at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City with the theme #napapanahongCRVS.
The three-day event was started with the singing of the Doxology and the Philippine National Anthem led by the PUP Bagong Himig Serenata.
Immediately afterwards, Engr. Alberto Jose Paredes, Chief of Staff of the host local government unit (LGU) delivered the welcome address, on behalf of Mayor Antonino Calixto of Pasay City. According to him the LGU, particularly the Office of the Mayor, expresses its gratitude for the PSA for organizing, once again, the convention in the City. He assured that everyone is welcome in the City Government’s Office, 24/7, 5 days a week.
He likewise reminded the participants how important it is to put one’s heart in helping our fellow Filipinos (“importanteng may puso sa pagtulong sa kababayan”). He also emphasized on how important data are as well as the role of all LCRs and other stakeholders in the registration of vital events. Thus, it is always a must to go back to our mandate and serve the public well particularly those in need.
Usec Lisa Grace Bersales, National Statistician and Civil Registrar General of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) officially opened the 9NWCR and she was pleased to announce that the event is being hosted by the City of Pasay and PSANational Capital Region (NCR).
In her message, she stressed on this year’s theme which is #napapanahongCRVS. “Napapanahon,” according to her it also means that each Filipino should have legal identity and each should have a document to prove that he or she is a Filipino. She expressed that “we are all here to make that happen.”
She added that the theme likewise connotes relevant, timely and accurate CRVS that addresses the needs of time, and in tune with the current data landscape. It is about computer assisted processes, big data, and data revolution. She expressed hope that the 9NWCR will further uplift partnership and will encourage debate of ideas. 
She ended her opening remarks with a call on the participants to continue to work together in order for the Filipino citizens to be provided with the right products and services, to ensure that everyone gets in the picture and no one is left behind. She also emphasized on the importance of vital statistics which come from the civil registration documents that serve as inputs for better government planning.
After his brief warm greetings to all guests and participants, Assistant Secretary Daniel Ariaso Sr., Deputy National Statistician of the PSA-Civil Registration and Central Support Office introduced the invited guest that will deliver the keynote message.
Associate Justice Karl Miranda of Sandiganbayan, in his message focused on how vital statistics relate to civil registration and why is civil registration important.
He cited the United Nations Development Program Human Development Reports which provided that the birth certificate is a legal document that gives identity and right to nationality while a death certificate helps the family of the deceased to inherit property. Moreover, civil registration is vital for national planning and records are necessary to get vital statistics leading towards formulating how much and what type of services to provide to constituents. Accurate and complete Vital Statistics are indispensable for good national planning, policy formulation and service delivery.
According to him, the task of gathering Vital Statistics gets harder for a growing Filipino nation as an archipelago like the Philippines. He expressed that the challenge can be addressed and not be limited by tested practices of the past but through innovations. New problem requires new solutions which science and technology can provide. The internet, computers, and other inventions are among the tools that can be useful in the vital statistics laboratory.
Aware that gaining momentum to introduce reforms in the government is not easy, Justice Miranda encouraged the participants to take the opportunity of considering the 9NWCR as a perfect venue to experiment and to improve on the roles being played by each individual in the challenges in civil registration and vital statistics as nothing beats a combined wisdom in formulating solutions.
In the end, he reminded everyone not to forget that the work they do empowers every Filipino. An empowered Filipino is a stronger building block.
Likewise, he encouraged everyone to be the enablers of Filipino Nation’s aspirations for a better life, to focus and not to let critics distract this focus and show to the world how we use Civil Registration for nation building.
Ms. Nicole Dane Navea and Mr. Jordan John Arnaez served as the masters of ceremonies of the day. They made a roll call of the participants present in the venue which now totalled 1,420 as of end of registration for the day.