Philippine Statistics Quiz

CAR Reclaims Championship Title in the 24th PSQ National Finals

Bert Joseph F. Prestoza from Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) emerged as victor of the 24th Philippine Statistics Quiz (PSQ) National Finals which was held at GT Toyota Asian Center Auditorium at the University of the Philippines-Diliman on December 8, 2015. Through Bert’s win, CAR was able to reclaim the championship title which it last held in 2010. This year’s success also marks the fourth time the region has won the finals.

24th PSQ Regional Finals Winners Gear Up for National Round

The Regional Finals for the 24th Philippine Statistics Quiz (PSQ) was held simultaneously on November 10, 2015. The contest, conducted annually by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and the Philippine Statistical Association, Inc. (PSAI), aims to assess the proficiency in statistics of college freshmen and to promote public awareness and appreciation on the significance of the field statistics.

23rd Philippine Statistics Quiz

A BS Accountancy freshman from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University placed first in the 23rd

Philippine Statistics Quiz (PSQ) held at the Toyota Asian Center Auditorium in Diliman, Quezon City on December 9, 2014. This is the 3rd time that Zamboanga Peninsula bagged the coveted PSQ national finals trophy.

The seventeen-year-old Andre Gilmore Arpa garnered 28... Read more about Zamboanga Peninsula Tops Them All at the 23rd PSQ National Finals .

About the Philippine Statistics Quiz (PSQ)

The Philippine Statistics Quiz (PSQ) is an annual competition designed for college freshmen enrolled in any private or public college or university in the Philippines. Launched in 1992, the contest is a joint undertaking of the National Statistics Office (NSO), the primary statistical arm of the government, and the Philippine Statistical Association (PSA), a nonstock, nonprofit organization of professional statisticians from government and non-government agencies and the academe.

The objectives of the PSQ are as follows:

  1. To assess the competency and skills of students in statistics as acquired from the secondary education curriculum;
  2. To promote, enhance, and instill awareness and appreciation of the importance and value of science, statistics in particular, among the students, and;
  3. To generate public awareness on the important uses of statistics in all development-planning activities and win overall support for all government statistical activities.

The contest is open to Filipino first-time college freshmen currently enrolled in the second semester of the current school year in any recognized tertiary academic institution in the country.  First-time college freshmen are those who have enrolled for not more than two semesters (or its equivalent term) in college.

Regional championships are held simultaneously nationwide during the month of November spearheaded by the PSQ Regional Steering Committee through the NSO Regional Offices. The PSQ National Finals is held in December in Metro Manila.

There will be 17 regional champions who will vie for the PSQ National Finals titles. At stake for the top five placers are cash awards, trophies, certificates of recognition, and several gift items from various sponsors and donors. In addition, regional champions and their respective coaches from outside Metro Manila are provided with roundtrip fares, modest accomodation, and allowances for the duration of the National Finals in Metro Manila.

The PSQ organizers advocate this undertaking with the backing from all its partners from both the government and the private sector, who consider statistics as an important part of our economy and society and even our day-to-day lives.

PSQ: In Retrospect

2010 A new rule on breaking the tie was introduced i.e., the scores of round 1 will be the basis, if there’s still a tie, the scores of round 2, and if still necessary, five tie-breaking questions will be administered. A student from St. Louis University of Baguio emerged as champion.

2009 An estimated 500 freshman college students from over 200 schools nationwide competed prior to National Finals. Although provincial contest is optional, 52 provinces conducted eliminations before advancing to regional championship rounds. In this tough competition, a BS Mathematical Sciences student from Ateneo de Zamboanga University of Region 9 grabbed its first National Championship trophy.

2008 All regions except ARMM were represented. After the final round, a student from St. Louis University of Baguio emerged as the 17th PSQ Champion. There was a tie for the 3rd and 4th places. Ten questions were not enough to break the tie, hence the Board of Judges decided to equally divide the combined cash prizes for the 3rd and 4th places as a shared prize for the two contestants and a toss coin was resorted to determine who would bring home the 3rd place trophy.

2007 It was the first time that the Technical Committee used up to 10 tie-breaking questions without breaking the tie in the fourth and fifth places, with the Board of Judges resorting to dividing equally the cash prizes for the two places, and to toss coin as to who brings home the bigger trophy. A Central Mindanao University student became the first ever PSQ national champion from Region 10.

2006 Marking its one and a half decade run, PSQ continued its advocacy and introduced innovations such as the use of wireless technology and laptop computers for the National Finals. Central Luzon representative and winner was the first champion who answered correctly 27 of the 30 national finals questions.

2005 A 15-point cut-off score was set for all regional champions to be able to qualify for the national finals. Given this challenge, each of the 17 regions was ably represented by their respective regional champions. Jocelyn Que, PSQ pioneer champion, was the guest speaker during the National Finals. A student from Ateneo de Manila University took the top spot.

2004 Eastern Visayas won its first-ever PSQ Championship trophy. Representative Cynthia Villar who served as keynote speaker lauded the PSQ for helping instill the value of statistics among students and elicit awareness on its importance in national development.

2003 In memoriam of his passing, the 12th Philippine Statistics Quiz paid tribute to National Scientist and statistician par excellance Dr. Tito A. Mijares. For the first eleven years of the PSQ, Dr. Mijares served as the chair of its Board of Judges. This is besides his legacy of professionalizing the Philippine Statistical System.

The championship was regained this year by the University of the Philippines, Diliman which bagged the first ever PSQ crown way back in 1992.

2002 The contest was again aired on National Broadcasting Network (NBN-4), formerly PTV-4, on primetime with a student from AMA Computer Colleges of Baguio emerging as winner.

2001 The PSQ attracted over 250 colleges and universities and saw the participation of almost 400 students. A special PSQ website was designed. In the finals, a student from Central Visayas State College of Agriculture, Forestry and Technology was declared the winner.

2000    The PSQ was covered on national television, over the People’s Television Network (PTV-4). The winner was from University of San Carlos in Cebu City.

1999    The Philippine Star covered the National Finals held at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Cafetorium. That year’s national champion was eventually conferred an award as one of the Ten Outstanding Students in the Philippines. He was from St. Louis University in Baguio.

1998    The Asian economic crunch dampened solicitations for the conduct of the national finals. Despite these odds, the PSQ managed to have its first online version of the quiz, with support from more than a dozen Internet service providers. Questions were launched via the information superhighway in NSO Sta. Mesa. A viewing site was set up at the Shangri-La EDSA Plaza where the seventh National Convention on Statistics was then being held.

1997 Since 1995, bands of new sponsors had joined original sponsors enabling cash prizes for the top five national winners to be doubled. Coaches of the winning students were likewise rewarded with cash. Another University of the Philippines - Los Baños student won.

1996    It was the third consecutive year that a student from the University of the Philippines - Los Baños prevailed in the contest

1995    Only one champion represented a region in National Finals. A student from Southern Tagalog overpowered other contestants.

1994    The Commission on Higher Education began endorsing the Philippine Statistics Quiz. A University of the Philippines - Los Baños student won the contest.

1993    As more sponsors and donors became PSQ partners, the Quiz went national. Regional championships were held all over the country as qualifiers to the national finals. The first national champion was a Management Engineering student from Ateneo de Manila University who took home, among others, PhP10,000 in cash. NCR and Central Visayas registered the most number of contestants.

1992    The National Statistics Office and the Philippine Statistical Association launched the first Philippine Statistics Quiz. Fourteen freshmen from various colleges and universities in the National Capital Region competed. A BS Statistics student of UP Diliman emerged as the winner.