Censuses and Technical Coordination Office

Censuses and Technical Coordination Office

  1. Prepares, conducts, processes and disseminates census results in accordance with the approved statistical calendar.
  2. Maintains and develops statistical standards and classification systems.
  3. Provides technical assistance to other concerned government offices to meet their statistical requirements for policy-making, planning and programming.
  4. Coordinates the activities of the Regional Statistical Services.
  5. Provides information technology systems and programming, and IT operations support for the PSA projects.
  6. Provides other PSA offices with cartographic services.
  7. Maintains archives and communication and information services of PSA generated data.
  8. Provides the data center for statistics and civil registration.
  9. Performs such other tasks as maybe assigned by the National Statistician.

       National Censuses Services

It shall be responsible for the planning and production of data from censuses on population and housing, agriculture, fisheries and economic activities; and development and maintenance of sampling frames and geographic information on population and housing, agriculture, fisheries and economic activities.

       Standards Services

It shall be responsible for the formulation and monitoring of statistical development programs, formulation of standards and classification, including glossary of statistical terms and geographic classification.

        Information Technology (IT) and Dissemination Services

 It shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of IT systems and programs, IT operations, statistical data archives, communication and information services.