Field Statistical Services Office

 Field Statistical Services Office

Regional Statistical Services Office (RSSO) and Provincial Statistical Office (PSO)

  1. Provides technical staff support to the PSA.
  2. Provides technical assistance as may be required by the implementing agencies and local governments in the regions and provinces.
  3. Performs such other tasks as may be assigned by the National Statistician.

      Statistical Operations and Coordination Division (SOCD)

  • It shall be responsible in the statistical, technical and ICT operations as well as coordination of the different field activities of the RSSO/PSO.
  • It shall be responsible in all statistical coordination and development activities in the region.

       Civil Registration and Administrative Support Division (CRASD)

  • It shall be responsible for the civil registration and vital statistics services and coordinating activities in the region.
  • It shall be responsible in the operation of the Civil Registration System (CRS) outlets in the region, including customer services and other civil registration concerns.
  • It shall be responsible for the general administration, financial services, human resource management, human resource development and procurement activities of the RSSO/PSO.