Labor Turnover Survey

Labor Turnover Survey (LTS)

     The Labor Turnover Survey (LTS), one of the regular surveys of the Philippine Statistics Authority, is an offshoot of the Employment, Hours and Earnings Survey (EHES) which was conducted from 1987 to 2002 by the former Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES). To come up with timely information on labor market trends in the formal sector of the economy, the items of inquiry have been limited to employment, labor turnover and existing job vacancies.

     The conduct of LTS, which was started in the second semester of 2002, was upon the instructions of the then Secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). It aimed to collect labor turnover data to complement the data on establishment closures and layoffs covering the establishments from the National Capital Region (NCR). The survey was redesigned in 2008 to cover enterprises instead of establishments in the NCR. The survey covered only the NCR for the primary consideration of generating the indicators at the shortest possible time. Sample enterprises then were selected from the Top 1,000 Corporations in the country which were sourced from the Credit Information Bureau, Inc. (CIBI).

     From 2015 to 2017, the LTS covers a subsample of enterprises with 20 or more workers that are located in the National Capital Region (NCR) only using the updated List of Establishments available at the PSA as sampling frame. As a matter of procedure, the survey gathers consolidated information about the establishment and its branches, if any.

     Starting 1st Quarter 2018, the LTS was expanded from its NCR to nationwide coverage to get a more complete picture of the labor market situation in the whole country. Also started from this period, data encoding and machine processing are decentralized at the RSSOs. But, in case of NCR, the previous set-up remained where the distribution and collection of questionnaires, field editing, data encoding and machine processing were all done at the Central Office until 4th quarter 2018 survey round.

     However, due to limited budget, the conduct of nationwide LTS for 2019 is deferred. At the very least, the survey will be conducted in a semi-annual frequency covering NCR only to be handled by the RSSO and PSOs.

Release Calendar


Reference Period Target Release of the Results
1st Quarter and 2nd Quarter2019 October 2019
3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter 2019 April 2020


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