Swine Situation Report, October-December 2020

October 2020 to December 2020


As of 01 January 2021, the total swine inventory was estimated at 9.72 million heads.  This was a decline of -24.1 percent from the previous year’s same period level of 12.80 million heads. Population in backyard and commercial farms contracted by -13.3 percent and -41.8 percent, respectively. Of the total swine population, 71.1 percent were raised in backyard farms while the remaining 28.9 percent were from commercial farms.

Similarly, inventory by age group recorded decreases during the quarter compared with the previous year’s same period level, with grower exhibiting the biggest reduction of -28.9 percent. By age group, fattener had the highest share of 26.2 percent to the total swine inventory, followed by grower and sow with corresponding shares of 24.6 percent and 14.7 percent, respectively.

The top three regions in terms of inventory were Western Visayas, Central Visayas, and CALABARZON. These regions comprised 35.6 percent of the country’s total swine inventory.


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