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The earliest version of the MISSI is the SKEM (Survey of Key Enterprises in Manufacturing), which had its inception in 1981 as a project of the National Accounts Staff of National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). Initially, indicators/indices generated by the SKEM had 1981 as the base period. In 1986, the responsibility for the SKEM was transferred to the Economic Census Division of the National Census and Statistics Office (now the National Statistics Office-NSO). At NSO, the management of the survey was transferred from one different divisions to another when sometime in early 1988 the SKEM was reassigned to the Manufacturing Division. Work on the rebasing the MISSI series to 1985 was completed during this period. The 1986 index series was the first to have 1985 as the base year.

With the restructuring of the NSO in 1997, responsibility of the SKEM was again transferred to the newly created Economic Indices and Indicators Division (EIID). Under its leadership, arrangement for the integration of the SKEM and Department of Trade and Industry's Monthly Industrial Survey (MIS) materialized. The new survey was thus called MISSI and expanded to include additional information on inventory, capacity utilization, etc. Work on the rebasing of the MISSI indicators to 1994 base year also started, but was completed at a few years after.

It was later felt that to effectively monitor the performance of the manufacturing industries, the samples for the Annual Survey of Establishments (ASE) and MISSI for the manufacturing sector be managed by one statistical group. Management again decided in 2001 to return the MISSI to the Industry Statistics Division (Manufacturing Section), which handles the ASE for manufacturing. In that same year, the rebased MISSI series with 1994 as the base year was officially released.

The release of the 1985-based series continued on until December 2001 and was permanently discontinued in 2002. 

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