4th Quarter 2018

Gross National Income & Gross Domestic Product

Gross Value Added in Manufacturing

Manufacturing decelerates

Manufacturing continued to grow in the fourth quarter of 2018 but at a slower pace of 3.2 percent from the 7.9 percent growth posted in the previous year.

Food manufactures, which was the top contributor to growth, grew by 4.3 percent. Other contributors to the growth were: Petroleum and Other Fuel Products, 28.5 percent; Furniture and Fixtures, 9.1 percent; Radio, Television and Communication Equipment and Apparatus, 4.7 percent; and Electrical Machinery and Apparatus, 16.3 percent.

On the other hand, the following industries pulled down the industry’s growth: Chemical & Chemical Products, 6.2 percent; Basic Metal Industries, 13.2 percent; Office, Accounting and Computing Machinery, 5.1 percent; Tobacco Manufactures, 18.3 percent; and Footwear and Leather and Leather Products, 3.2 percent;


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