Memorandum Order No. 5
Series of 2018

Reconstituting and Renaming the Interagency Committee on Macroeconomic Accounts Statistics

WHEREAS, PSA Board Resolution No. 04, Series of 2014, established the Committees on Statistics of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA);

WHEREAS, one of the committees established was the Committee on Macroeconomic Accounts Statistics;

WHEREAS, the Technical Committee on Macroeconomic Accounts (TCMA) was established through Memorandum Order No. 04, Series of 2015 to serve as venue for discussion and resolution of issues, review current techniques/methodologies, and recommend policies and workable schemes towards the improvement of macroeconomic accounts statistics and other related statistics;

WHEREAS, existing TCs were modified to take the structure of IACs to coordinate and resolve agency and sectoral concerns on statistical matters;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the TCMA be renamed to lnteragency Committee on Macroeconomic Accounts Statistics (IACMAS) and shall assume the functions of the TCMA;

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the IACMAS shall have the following composition and terms of reference:

National Development Office - Planning and Policy
National Economic and Development Authority

Department of Economic Statistics
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Budget Policy and Strategy Group
Department of Budget and Management

University of the Philippines
School of Statistics

Office of the Chief Economist/Strategy, Economics and Results Group
Department of Finance

Assistant Secretary
Sectoral Statistics Office
Philippine Statistics Authority

University of the Philippines
School of Economics

Research Fellow
Philippine Institute for Development Studies

The Chairperson or Co-Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the IACMAS shall be elected from among its members. Resource persons may be invited in the meetings of the Committee as the need for them arises.

The specific functions of the IACMAS are as follows:

  1. Serve as forum for the exchange of views and expertise to resolve technical issues and problems arising from the production, dissemination, and use of macroeconomic accounts statistics and related indicators;
  2. Recommend to the PSA Board appropriate measures for the improvement of statistics, frameworks, methodologies and processes for the generation and dissemination of macroeconomic accounts statistics and related indicators;
  3. Recommend to the PSA Board an efficient workable scheme for the allocation of agency responsibilities in the production, dissemination, and archiving of macroeconomic accounts statistics and related indicators;
  4. Provide technical guidance and recommendations on the following:

4.1 Statistical framework for macroeconomic accounts and related indicators;

4.2 Statistical development programs concerning macroeconomic accounts statistics and formulate statistical frameworks and methodologies for inclusion in the Philippine Statistical Development Program (PSDP);

4.3 Prioritization of statistical program/activities and situational assessment of the macroeconomic accounts including the emerging statistical requirements of stakeholders on macroeconomic accounts statistics; and

4.4 Recommendations on addressing emerging issues and concerns (data revolution, open data, big data, etc.) and international commitments (Sustainable Development Goals) on macroeconomic accounts statistics and related indicators.

The Committee may establish technical working groups (TWGs) and task forces (TFs), as the need arises, through an IAC resolution. A corresponding Memorandum Order will be prepared by the IAC Secretariat for approval of the Undersecretary of PSA. Technical, secretariat, and logistics support to the TWGs and TF shall be provided by the concerned agencies as agreed upon by the concerned group. Other member-agencies are enjoined to give same support whenever deemed necessary by the Committee.

The Committee shall submit to the PSA Undersecretary its work program and shall report on the progress of its work, including the findings and recommendations on issues referred to it.

To enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the IACMAS, the PSA Technical Staff shall review its composition on an annual basis and recommend its reconstitution, if deemed necessary. For effective conduct of meetings, the identified IACMAS core group shall serve as basis for determining its quorum. The PSA Technical Staff shall provide technical, secretariat, and logistics support to the IACMAS. It shall also monitor compliance to policies formulated and report periodically to the PSA Board.

This Memorandum Order takes effect on 28 March 2018.


Attested by:

National Statistician and Civil Registrar General

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