Guidelines for Paper Presenters

Resource Persons of the First National Convention on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (1NCCRVS) must be guided with the following form and style, deadlines, and expectations relevant to their paper presentations on their assigned topic for the event.

A.  Manuscript of the Paper Presentation

The document should follow the prescribed format below:

1. Typewritten in standard A4 size (8.27” by 11.69”) bond paper using Arial font size 12. The minimum number of pages is eight and the maximum is 20 pages including attachments.

2. The margins of the manuscript should be as follows:

• Left  and right margins - 1”;
• Top and bottom margins - 1.5”.

3. The Title of the Paper Presentation must be in bold letters.

4. The narratives should be written with the following specifications for spacing:

• Single space within the paragraph;
• Two spaces before the next paragraph; and
• Triple space before a topic
• Paragraph alignment should be justified.

There must be no extra spaces or blank lines between paragraphs (other than the usual double-spacing).

5. Sources must be cited and should be placed immediately at the end of the paragraph in parenthesis.

6. The pages must be numbered consecutively and placed at the lower middle portion of the paper. The first page must not contain any page number but is considered as page number 1;

7. The cover/title page must contain the following;

• Title of Paper
• Name of Author
• Department/Office/Agency
• Title of Event/Convention
• Date of Presentation

B.  Presentation Material during the Convention

1. The presentation material should be in PowerPoint and should not exceed 15 slides (excluding the title/cover and end slides).

2. The text of the presentation material should have a font size of at least 24 pts for purposes of readability and should be without any animation.  Paper presenters may use videos to supplement their presentation. However, the whole presentation should still be within the allotted time.

3. Each Resource Person has been allotted a maximum of 20 minutes for his/her presentation. Hence, it is highly recommended that the presentation should be confined to the main points of the paper. The Session Chair or designated Timekeeper shall remind the Resource Person as to the remaining time left for the presentation and as to when it should be ended or stopped.

C.  Deadline for the Submission of Paper and Powerpoint Presentations

1. The deadline of submission of the manuscript of the paper presentation is on 18 August 2021 while the power point presentation is on 25 August 2021.

2. Each Resource Persons shall submit the manuscript and the power point presentations to the Working Group (WG) on Program via email to:


3. The final copy of the paper shall be transmitted by the WG on Program to the Overall Secretariat of the Convention of the 1NCCRVS ( for reproduction purposes.

4. In case the manuscript and/or the powerpoint presentation needs to be revised or modified prior to the scheduled date of presentation, the concerned Resource Person should provide the WG on Program a copy of the updated materials at the latest two (2) days before the Convention proper.

D.  Accommodation for Resource Persons

1. Whenever necessary, the Resource Person may request for arrangement for accommodation on-site at the physical venue of the 1NCCRVS.  However, he/she must be in the Session Room at least an hour before the session begins for the last-minute details.

2. The WG on Program must be informed beforehand of the intention of the Resource Person to be physically present at the venue and of any assistance that maybe needed in operating the IT equipment for the presentation. A laptop and LCD/LED projector will be the standard equipment in every session.

E.  Expectations from the Resource Persons

1. Every Resource Person is expected to speak loud and clear during his/her online presentation for the benefit of all attendees/participants.

2. His/her camera must always remain open for the entire duration of his/her presentation and the Open Forum.

3. Off-site Paper Presenters should ensure the availability and reliability of their internet connection during their scheduled sessions/paper presentations.  Otherwise, a Resource Person who may have issues with internet connectivity should make the necessary arrangements prior to the Convention proper.

4. As a matter of protocol, Resource Persons should stay up to the end of the session.

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