House Rules


  1. All attendees to the 1NCCRVS are required to follow the standard naming convention below:

a. For individual participants registered online:

  • Local Civil Registrars
    LCR_First Name Last Name
    Ex. LCR_Juana Santos
  • Solemnizing Officers
    SO_First Name Last Name
    SO_Juan Dela Cruz
  • Members of the Academe
    Academic Institution_First Name Last Name
    UP_Alberto Campo
  • Government Agencies
    Name of Agency_First Name Last Name
    DOH_Krista Pueblo
  • Other Developmental Partners
    Name of Agency/Institution_First Name Last Name
    UNFPA_Emilio Suarez
  • PSA Central Office Officials
    PSA_Rodelio Go

 b. For clustered participants:

  • For PSA-Hosted participants:

PO<Province Code>_<Name of CSS/PO Employee_<Number of clustered participants>
Ex. PO55_Edgar M. Norberte_50

RSSO<Region Code>_<Name of RD/RSSO Employee_<Number of clustered participants>
Ex. RSSO1_Atty. Shiela O. De Guzman_100

2. Attendance in all sessions is enjoined and active participation is encouraged to achieve the objectives of re-learning and knowledge-sharing. Thus, each participant required to log in the Google Form for Attendance Sheet that shall be provided in the chat box.

3. For clustered participants, the Attendance Sheets shall be provided and shall be monitored by the host PSA region/province. Copy be submitted to PSA Central Office for the preparation of the Certificate of Completion.


Workshop materials shall be posted on the PSA Website as ready reference.


  1. All concerns and inquiries from the participants will be accommodated through the Q&A and chat box.
  2. There will be assigned Moderators for each Session who shall act as intermediary between an inquiring participant and the paper presenter.
  3. To ensure that the schedule of activities in the Program is followed, only a limited number of inquiries per session shall be accommodated.
  4. However, inquiries that have not been answered during the Open Forum shall be provided to the concerned resource persons. Responses of the resource persons shall be posted on the PSA Website.


On the last day of the convention, a Google link to the Evaluation Form shall be provided in the chat box for the participants to accomplish and submit.


Participants who have completed their attendance to the three-day convention shall be provided with Certificate of Attendance through email.



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Contact Information

1st National Convention on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Secretariat
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Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
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