The 1st National Convention on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (1NCCRVS) shall be conducted on 01-03 September 2021 through a virtual platform with a maximum of 1,000 registered participants.

There will be a pre-registration process where individual participants may signify their interest to participate in advanced and to reserve a slot for the video conferencing of the event.

Below are the steps for the registration:

1. The participants shall ensure to have a Zoom Account.

2. A google form as a pre-registration link shall be provided to the Local Civil Registrars (LCRs) and Solemnizing Officers (SOs) through their respective Regional and Provincial Offices.

3. LCRs and SOs shall fill out the google form with their corresponding personal information such as, full name, name of agency or organization, email address, and contact (mobile) number.

4. The Working Group (WG) on Registration shall send a confirmation email to the participants upon pre-registration.

5. The proper registration of participants shall be made on or before18 August 2021 to confirm their intention to attend through the same google form as above mentioned. The reservation of slots will be on a first come-first serve basis.

6. Non-confirmation of attendance of a participant shall mean the forfeiture of his/her reserved slot.

7. On the day of the convention proper, the WG on Registration shall monitor the non-confirmation of slots.  The slots of participants who did not confirm their attendance to the event will be given to the participants in the Zoom waiting room.

8. Below is the naming convention of the participants that must be followed:

a. RSSO – 17 PSA Regional Offices (34 allotted slots, 2 per Region)

• Host Region Name <underscore>, followed by the full name of Regional Director <underscore>, number of hosted attendees
Example: R10_JuanDelaCruz_5

b. PO − 81 PSA Provincial Offices (162 allotted slots, 2 per Province)

• Host Province Code <underscore>, followed by the full name of Chief Statistical Specialist <underscore>, number of hosted attendees
Example: P001_JuanaReyes_10

c. Inter-Agency Committee on CRVS (IAC-CRVS) – 15 Members

• Agency Name <underscore>, Name of Participant
Example: DOH_JhonSantos

9. Due to the limited number of Zoom participants that may be allowed, the Host of the event from the PSA Central Office has the authority to decline or disallow participant/s that shall exceed the allotted slots per region/province.  However, all other interested participants can still view the live streaming through PSA Official Facebook page.

10. Other participants who may have technical difficulties on internet connection must coordinate with their respective RSSOs/PSOs for possible on-site attendance. However, all relevant expenses for meals and venue for such type of arrangement shall be chargeable to the funds of the concerned local Association of Civil Registrars (ACRs) subject to existing auditing rules and regulations. The ACRs must coordinate with their concerned RSSOs/PSOs for the purpose.

Interested parties to the 1NCCRVS are invited to register to the event via visiting the link below

CRVS Jingle

Contact Information

1st National Convention on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Secretariat
c/o NCRVS Secretariat

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
Diliman, Quezon City, 1101

Contact Email: