Major Non-Food and Industrial Crops Quarterly Bulletin, April-June 2018

April 2018 to June 2018


• The April to June 2018 production of sugarcane for all uses dropped by 26.2 percent, from 8.73 million metric tons last year to 6.44 million metric tons.
• Production of sugarcane for centrifugal sugar, which accounted for 97.9 percent of the total sugarcane production, declined by 26.7 percent as a result of the following: 
  o decrease in area planted/harvested due to the effect of the low price of sugar last year in Western Visayas;
  o lesser area harvested due to the early cut-off of milling operation (until May 2018 only) in Northern Mindanao; and
  o smaller canes harvested due to less fertilizer application in Central Visayas.
• Western Visayas produced 49.6 percent of the national sugarcane production during the period.  Northern Mindanao followed at 15.0 percent.  Central Visayas and CALABARZON contributed 13.3 percent and 10.4 percent, respectively.