How to apply

Applicants can either apply or be nominated by submitting the following requirements:

  • Accomplished Nomination Form
  • Photographs (printed or e-copy format) and/or video of the activities
  • List of outputs and outcomes of the activities conducted
  • Information on the coverage and beneficiaries of the activities
  • Total expenses incurred and list of resources used for the conduct of the activities
  • Weblinks on the activities (YouTube, social media, websites, online news articles, etc.), if any
  • Feedback forms or evaluation sheet of conducted activity/ies
  1. Applications or nominations must be coursed through the PSA-RSSO, who will submit to PSA Central Office within five working days after receipt and checking of the document’s completion.
  2. The above-mentioned requirements must be submitted not later than 31 August 2021 to the 31st NSM Awards Secretariat thru:

Ms. Lotis I. Ira
Chief Statistical Specialist
Statistical Policies and Programs Division
Philippine Statistics Authority

17th Floor Eton Centris Cyberpod Three,
EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone No.: (632) 8376-1928
Telefax No.: (632) 8376-1867
E-mail Addresses: and

  1. Submission of entries after the deadline will not be accepted.
  2. Decisions of the Board of Judges shall be final. Contestants or their representatives shall agree to the immunity of the members of the Board of Judges, the PSA and its employees from any legal suit that may arise from or relative to the conduct of the contest.
  3. Materials submitted by the contestants as entries may be used by the PSA for information dissemination related to the conduct of this contest.
  4. Sole entry in a specific category will not automatically make the entry qualify to the title or award. The entry will still be evaluated by the Board of Judges.
  5. The Board of Judges has the right not to declare any winner and/or may opt to give only special citations, if deemed necessary.


A plaque will be given to the winners during the 32nd NSM Closing Ceremony.

Board of Judges

The Subcommittee on Programs and Awards (with the NSM Secretariat) shall serve as the Board of Judges.