Explanation of Criteria

  • Relevance to the theme. The statistical activity/ies conducted should be consistent with the theme. The theme for the 31st NSM celebration in October 2020 was “Bridging Digital Gaps: Making Information Available to All.”
  • Diversity and number of statistical activities. Series of varying statistical activities conducted.
  • Clarity of objectives/message and promotion of statistical awareness/literacy. The objectives of the statistical activity/ies conducted, i.e., enhancing statistical awareness/literacy, should be made clear to participants and target audience.
  • Outputs, outcomes and impacts of the statistical activities to the target group. The message of statistical awareness conveyed in the statistical activity/ies should have outputs, outcomes and impacts to the audience. Did the audience learn and had some takeaway from the activity/ies? This can be documented through feedback/evaluation forms filled out by participants, audience or target group.
  • Extent of participation/Coverage. Extent of participation of other organizations or sectors, who participated in the activity/ies, who are the audiences, the variety and number of participants.
  • Economy in the use of resources. This refers to creative use of materials/ resources in the activity/ies.  How was/were the activity/ies financed? Is there any sponsorship? Was/Were the activity/ies conducted in a resource-efficient manner, e.g., use of recycled materials.