Representative from Region 12 wins the 1st PSA Quiz Bee

Friday, November 12, 2021

1st PSA Quiz Bee Winners


The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) held its first ever online Quiz Bee last 27 October 2021. The event was livestreamed at the official Facebook page of the PSA. You may rewatch the whole event through this link.

All 18 Regional Statistics Committee (RSC) of the Philippine Statistical System (PSS) have their own representatives, all from the PSS member agencies (excluding PSA employees and relatives within the fourth  degree of affinity and consanguinity).

The first round of the Quiz Bee corresponds to one point for each correct answer. Representatives from Regions II, III, and XII all got the same points by the end of the round (9 points). The trickiest question (Question No. 4) was correctly answered only by representatives from MIMAROPA, Region X, Region XI, and CARAGA.

Question: This project program or procedure allows the Regional Statistical Services Offices (RSSOs) of the PSA to annotate the documents that are affected by RA 9048, RA 10172 and Supplemental Report.

Answer: C. Decentralized Copy Annotation Process

For round two, representatives from Region III got the perfect score of 20 points, followed by Region XII of 16 points, and Region II, Region V, and  Region VII with 14 points. The question that almost all contestants got the correct answer is Question No. 5.

Question: The PSA is mandated to release the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) and poverty statistics at the cities and municipalities using the CBMS data. What is MPI?

Answer: B. A measure that intends to capture deprivations in various dimensions

Round three is the final round of the event, in which the highest scoring representatives (scores accumulated from Rounds one and two) have  battled for the Championship title. Region III, XII, II, V, VII, and X, respectively, were the Top 6 for the final round.

Finally, accumulating the final score of 52 points, 50 points, and 48 points, Regions XII, III, and V bagged the Champion title, 2nd, and 3rd place,  respectively. The following are the representatives from each region:

Champion: Ruby Abegail Serrano
National Economic and Development Authority

2nd Place: Liezel Joyce Mangalindan
National Economic and Development Authority

3rd Place: Mary Ann Montecastro
National Economic and Development Authority

The 1st PSA Quiz Bee is one of the events for the celebration of the 32nd National Statistics Month (NSM), spearheaded by the Philippine Statistical System. For more information about this event, visit


- Knowledge Management and Communications Division, Information Technology and Dissemination Service


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