Each of the body parts of STATMAN, the mascot, represents a statistical symbol that is commonly used in statistical theory and its applications. To explain:


The Head symbolizes the sign Sigma   which is used to denote standard deviation or variations in human endeavors.

The Right Arm symbolizes the sign Sigma  which is used to denote summation of society's dreams and aspirations.

The Left Arm and Torso, taken altogether, symbolizes the sign Chi Square  and is used to denote in dependence and objectively of one's views and decisions while maintaining harmony with the government.

The use of the symbols as the body parts of STATMAN signifies coherence and unity between statistical theory and their various applications which include, among others, the generation, analysis and interpretation of data.

The picture depicted of the STATMAN in motion signifies the vision for and mission of the Philippine Statistical System, that is, 'Statistics in Action' which simply means a system that is proactive and responsive to developments affecting the country and its products, in terms of statistical data series, used in governance, and ion the conduct of our daily lives.


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