State of the Philippine Land and Soil Resources

Publication Information

Frequency of Publication and Date of Release:
2003, Maiden issue
The Publication Contents and Uses:
Provides a general picture of the state of the Philippine land and soil resources.
It is useful for policy and plan formulation because the estimates were designed to provide venue for cross comparison with other resources because the accounts were presented not only in physical but also in monetary terms.
Time Span of Data Contents: Ten years
Geographic Area Covered: Regional
Data Contents:
A. Introduction
B. Significance of Philippine Land and Soil Resources
C. Conceptual Framework
C.1 Scope and Coverage
C.2 Framework for the Asset Accounts
C.2.1 Physical Accounts
C.2.2 Monetary Accounts
D. Operationalizing the Framework
D.1 Sources of Data
D.1.1 Physical Accounts
D.1.2 Monetary Accounts
D.2 Estimation Methodology
D.2.1 Physical Asset Accounts
D.2.2 Monetary Asset Accounts
D.3 Underlying Assumptions and Limitations
D.3.1 Agricultural Land
D.3.2 Forest Land
E. Results, Analysis and Discussions
E.1 Physical Asset Accounts
E.1.1 Land Resources
E.1.1.A Agricultural Land Resources
E.1.1.B Forest Land Resource
E.1.1.B Brushland Resource
E.1.2 Soil Resource
E.1.2.A Agricultural Soil Resource
E.1.2.B Forest and Brushland Soil Resource
E.1.3 Land Use
E.2 Monetary Accounts
F. Recommendations
Estimated No. Of Pages: Approximately 85 pp.
Other Dissemination Format: CD-ROM/Diskette, e-mail