Philippine Water Resources

Publication Information

Frequency of Publication and Date of Release:
2004, Every five years
The Publication Contents and Uses:
This publication provides a general picture of the Philippine Water Resources. It provides updates to an earlier NSCB publication on water resources which can be found in the publication, Philippine Asset Accounts: Forest, Land/Soil, Fishery, Minerals, and Water Resources. The physical account of groundwater was updated to year 2001 while that of surface water was updated to year 2000. Due to the very limited data on the monetary aspects of water no updates was done on the monetary accounts. Although limited to physical accounting, it is hoped that this publication will greatly contribute to the further development of the environmental accounting not only in the Philippines but also in the international community.
Time Span of Data Contents: Reference Year
Geographic Area Covered: National, Cordillera Administrative Region
Data Contents
  • Main Differences Between Surface Water and Groundwater
  • Physical Asset Account Framework for Water Resources
  • Domestic Demand from Groundwater, 1988-2001 (In million cubic meters)
  • Domestic Demand from Surface Water, 1988-2000 (In million cubic meters)
  • Industrial Demand for Water by Region, 1988 to 2001
  • Physical Accounts: Ground Water 1988 to 2001(in million cubic meters)
  • Physical Accounts: Surface Water 1988 to 2000 (in million Cubic meters)
Estimated No. Of Pages: Approximately 800 pp.
Other Dissemination Format: CD-Rom, e-mail