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About PSDP

Republic Act No. 10625, mandates the Philippine Statistical System (PSS) to formulate a comprehensive statistical program that will address the information requirements of the country’s national development plan as well as provide for activities that will promote the development of an efficient statistical system to ensure reliability, relevance, quality, and accessibility of information generated. The Philippine Statistical Development Program (PSDP) 2018-2023 outlines the statistical programs as well as the corresponding budgets required to finance the statistical activities of the PSS in the medium term. It embodies the statistical thrusts and strategies towards strengthening and improving the operations of the PSS and in developing sectoral statistics in the country.
The formulation of the PSDP 2018-2023 was undertaken with guidance from a Steering Committee and inputs from various Interagency Committees on Statistics, different government agencies, local government units, private sector, academe, and media. A series of consultative workshops were held from February to April 2018. The final PSDP 2018-2023 was presented to and approved by the PSA Board on 09 May 2018 for endorsement to the Office of the President for the issuance of an  executive order to support its implementation.
The PSDP contains the priority statistical programs and activities in the PSS which are designed to provide vital information support to the Philippine Development Plan, Sustainable Development Goals, ASEAN Integration, among others. It has placed greater focus on the improvement of local level statistics, administrative data, registers, open data initiatives, big data, data revolution and other emerging concerns. 

PSDP 2018-2023 (Final Manuscript)