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About the System of Designated Statistics

The System of Designated Statistics (SDS) is a mechanism that identifies and designates the most critical and essential statistics required for social and economic planning/analysis based on approved criteria per Executive Order (EO) No. 352 “Designation of Statistical Activities that will Generate Critical Data for Decision-Making of the Government and the Private Sector” issued on 01 July 1996.

The SDS is an evolving process that allows for creation and build-up of a list of the statistical activities that will generate critical data for planners and policymakers in the government and private sector. The designation includes the following:

  • title of designated statistics or statistical activities

  • implementing agency

  • frequency of conduct

  • geographic disaggregation

  • schedule of data dissemination

With the establishment of the SDS, there are priorities for data production, hence, ensured provision on the means for more rational resource allocation among government statistical activities, subject to the usual budgetary rules and regulations. Likewise, the implementing/source agencies must ensure that dissemination of results of the said designated statistics/statistical activities to the general public is on a regular basis and in accordance with designated time frame.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is mandated to regularly conduct adequate consultation with data users and data producers as a means of updating the list of Designated Statistics, as well as to regularly monitor its implementation to determine the inclusion of any new statistical activity that will address emerging needs and/or deletion of any statistical activity that is no longer considered a priority. This makes the SDS a dynamic system that allows for modifications to respond to the changing needs and priorities, and to emerging capabilities of agencies in the Philippine Statistical System (PSS).

At present, there are 67 designated statistics/statistical activities per EO 352 and subsequent PSA Board Resolutions. These include four censuses, 23 surveys, 19 administrative data systems, five derived data systems, and 16 statistical indicators. A total of 18 agencies are in the SDS list.

Latest SDS Modifications
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Board approved on 09 November 2021 the PSA Board Resolution No. 19, series of 2021 which is the modification in the System of Designated Statistics (SDS) involving  the earlier release of vital statistics…