Memorandum Order No. 1
Series of 2012


WHEREAS, the Interagency Committee on Health Statistics (IACHS) was created through NSCB Memorandum Order No. 1, Series of 2002, to resolve issues, review current techniques/methodologies, and recommend policies and workable schemes towards the improvement of health and other related statistics;
WHEREAS, the IACHS was reconstituted and expanded into the Interagency Committee on Health and Nutrition Statistics (IACHNS) through NSCB Memorandum Order No. 2, Series of 2007, to address the concerns on the improvement of nutrition statistics;
WHEREAS, there is a need to further reconstitute the IACHNS to ensure substantive consultation with and participation of stakeholders for effective resolution of current and emerging issues and concerns on health and nutrition statistics;
NOW, THEREFORE, the composition of the IACHNS is hereby amended as follows:
Assistant Secretary of Health
Support to Service Delivery Technical Cluster II
Department of Health
Assistant Secretary General
National Statistical Coordination Board
Executive Director 
Association of Health Maintenance Organizations of the Philippines, Inc.
Association of Municipal Health Officers of the Philippines
Executive Director
Commission on Population
Director, Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau      
Department of Health
Chief, Public Health Surveillance and Informatics Division 
National Epidemiology Center 
Department of Health
Director, Bureau of Local Government Supervision
Department of the Interior and Local Government
Chief, Nutritional Assessment and Monitoring Division
Food and Nutrition Research Institute
Assistant Director, Social Development Staff 
National Economic and Development Authority
Executive Director
National Nutrition Council
Chief, Vital Statistics Division
Civil Registration Department 
National Statistics Office
Chief, Demographic and Social Statistics Division
Household Statistics Department
National Statistics Office
Senior Manager, Corporate Planning Department
Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
Chairperson, Nutrition Committee
Philippine Medical Association
Executive Director
Philippine NGO Council on Population, Health and Welfare, Inc.
Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics 
College of Public Health
University of the Philippines
Director, Social Statistics Office
National Statistical Coordination Board
Chief, Social Sectors A Division
Social Statistics Office
National Statistical Coordination Board
The specific functions of the Committee are amended as follows:
  1. Review and assess current issues and problems on health and nutrition statistics;
  2. Formulate and recommend appropriate statistical policies that shall improve the system for health and nutrition statistics;
  3. Identify and develop key health and nutrition indicators and other standard parameters that shall be generated on a periodic basis;
  4. Formulate and recommend improvements in the system of data generation, dissemination, and utilization of all the indicators, including those being produced from the Philippine National Health Accounts;
  5. Review concepts and definitions on health and nutrition statistics; and
  6. Ensure and monitor the institutionalization of the recommended improvements in the system of health and nutrition statistics.
The membership of the IACHNS may be increased or decreased, as the exigencies of its work require, provided that it shall be authorized by the NSCB Secretary General. Furthermore, the Committee may invite other agencies or individuals as resource persons as the need for them arises.
To enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the IACHNS, the NSCB Technical Staff shall review its composition on an annual basis and recommend its reconstitution, if deemed necessary.  For effective conduct of meetings, the Committee is authorized to define its quorum.  The NSCB Technical Staff shall continue to provide technical, secretariat, and logistics support to the IACHNS.  It shall also monitor compliance to policies formulated and report periodically to the NSCB Executive Board.
The Committee may create technical working groups (TWGs) and task forces (TFs), as the need arises, to assist in the exercise of its functions, subject to the approval of the NSCB Secretary General.  Technical, secretariat, and logistics support to the TWGs/TFs shall be provided by the concerned agencies.  Other member-agencies are enjoined to give same support whenever deemed necessary by the Committee.
The Committee shall adhere to the NSCB Guidelines for Interagency Committees, Technical Committees, Technical Working Groups, and Task Forces in the implementation of its activities and in the preparation of reports and recommendations.  It shall submit to the Secretary General its work program and shall report on the progress of its work, including the findings and recommendations on issues referred to it.
This Memorandum Order takes effect on 09 February 2012.
Secretary of Socioeconomic Planning 
and Chairman, NSCB    

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