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Institutional Population Increased by More Than 168 Thousand

Reference Number: 2017-136
Release Date: 10 November 2017


Institutional population constitutes that part of the total population whose usual place of residence are collective or institutional living quarters (ILQs) such as hotels, motels, lodging houses, and dormitories; hospitals and nurses' homes; welfare institutions; corrective and penal institutions; convents, nunneries, seminaries, and boarding schools; military camps and stations; logging, mining, construction/public works camps; oceangoing and interisland/coastal vessels; and refugee camps. 
As of August 1, 2015, the institutional population of the country totalled 405,588 persons, or 0.4 percent of the country's total population of 100,981,437 persons. This figure is higher by 168,453 persons compared with the 237,135 institutional population that was reported in 2010. 
The number of ILQs, meanwhile, rose from 14,851 in 2010 to 21,324 in 2015.


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