Glossary of Terms

Subsistence incidence (S)

the proportion of families/individuals with per capita income/expenditure less than the per capita food threshold to the total number of families/ individuals

Reference: 1997 Philippine Poverty Statistics
Board Resolution: Resolution No. 2 - Series of 2007
approved: 2/14/2007

Total Basic Expenditures

The aggregate of expenditures on: food; clothing and footwear; fuel; light and water; housing maintenance and other minor repairs; rental or occupied dwelling units; medical care; education; transportation and communications; non-durable furnishing; household operations and personal care and effects.

Notes: Excluded are expenditures captured by the FIES on alcoholic beverages, tobacco, recreation, durable furniture and equipment and miscellaneous expenditures

Reference: FIES

Board Resolution: Resolution No. 12 - Series of 2008 approved: 6/11/2008

Total Food Expenditures

The actual food expenditures of the family during the reference period, including food items received as gifts and consumed by the family during the reference period.

Notes: a. Food bought but not consumed are excluded. b. Consumption of domestic helper as well as persons employed by the family to do odd jobs around the house are generally excluded but may be added if they cannot be accounted for separately. c. The consumption of boarders and other persons in the same household not related to the family as well as overseas contract workers on vacation during the reference period are excluded.

Reference: FIES

Board Resolution: Resolution No. 12 - Series of 2008 approved: 6/11/2008


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