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25 October 2022

This is to inform the public that all holders of the printed ePhilID shall be accommodated, subject to proper authentication, at the PhilID Special Lane of the Civil Registration Service (CRS) Outlets. The Philippine Identification System’s (PhilSys) digital ID, including the printed ePhilID format, shall be used and accepted as a valid and sufficient proof of identity and age in any transaction in all CRS Outlets.

The printed ePhilID is a proactive strategy of the PSA to enable registrants to take advantage of the benefits of the PhilSys pursuant to Section 7 (c ) (1) of the Republic Act No. 11055, otherwise known as the Philippine Identification System Act of 2018. Persons who have successfully registered to PhilSys may opt to avail of the ePhilID and its printable version thereof. They can claim their ePhilID subject to its  availability, by setting an online appointment via, and presenting their transaction slip to their selected PhilSys Registration Centers on the reserved date.

The ePhilID shows the person's PhilSys Card Number (PCN) and basic demographic information such as last name, given name, middle name and suffix (if available), sex, blood type, marital status (if declared), date and place of birth, front-facing photograph, address, and a QR Code.

The QR Code contains details such as some of the demographic information mentioned above, as well as a front-facing photo of the person.  It also uses public-private key cryptography to ensure that the information in the QR Code cannot be tampered with.

The ePhilID can be authenticated by scanning the QR Code via the PhilSys Check (  If the ePhilID is authentic, the PhilSys Check will display a successful verification message and should match the demographic information printed on the front of the ePhilID (i.e., last name, given name, middle name, and suffix if available, sex, and date and place of birth), as well as a front-facing photo of the person.

Any person or entity who, without just and sufficient cause, proved to have refused to accept, acknowledge, and/or recognized the ePhilID as the only official identification of the holder/possessor thereof shall be penalized in accordance with Section 19 of  RA No. 11055.

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