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17 March 2000

The total labor force population was 31.85 million as of January 2000; of these, 28.9 million (90.7 percent) were employed and 2.9 million (9.3 percent) had no job. The country’s chief exports were electronics and components (accounting for 50.4 percent of dollar values) followed by input/output peripherals (10.1 percent) and apparel (6.7 percent). A peso in 1994 has a purchasing power equivalent to only 67 centavos in January 2000.

These are among the facts and figures internet users or web surfers can find at the National Statistics Office’s (NSO) website located at www.census.gov.ph. The NSO is upgrading its capabilities to disseminate collected and processed data.

According to NSO Administrator Tomas P. Africa, "The NSO will take a census of the Philippine population and housing sector this May in order to update our fact database about the population, family household profiles, indigenous groups and ethnicity, fertility, and overseas Filipino workers. Figures will be collated at the barangay, municipal, city, and province levels."

Africa also said that highlights of the census data will be made available by the agency for public information and consumption. "These data are critical for development planning, policy formulation and industry-building. As trade and commerce become more and more information-driven, we want the NSO to expand its capabilities and role in meeting the demands of the public and markets," he added.

Currently, much of the NSO data is in raw form and presented in the provincial level. The data is available on CD format, but largely unprocessed. Africa said that the data can be readily digested into more researcher- and end user- friendly information.

One of the website’s highlights is the QuickStat page, an at-a-glance tabulation of key economic and market indicators: consumer price index, balance of trade (import and export), trade, labor and employment, the construction industry, household income expenditure levels, population growth and density indices, and literacy.

The website cites the country’s five chief trade partners, as of January 2000, as the United States (total trade volume at US$ 1.362 billion), Japan (US$ 855.63 million), Singapore (US$ 380.4 million), Taiwan (US$ 353.79 million), and Korea (US$ 344.73 million).

The website also has an archive of sectoral reports, industry summaries, and press releases which give updates on the performance of key sectors: manufacturing, agriculture, electricity, aquaculture, mining, forestry, and civil society activities.


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