2021 Board Resolutions

Resolution No. 1. Endorsing the Fiscal Year 2022 Tier 2 Statistical Budgets of Agencies in the Philippine Statistical System to the Department of Budget and Management

Resolution No. 2. Approving and Adopting the Modifications in the System of Designated Statistics

Resolution No. 3. Approval and Adoption of the Revision Policy for the General Government and Public Sector Data of the Department of Finance

Resolution No. 4. Enjoining Government Agencies, Local Government Units and Private Sectors to Provide Data Support in the Generation of Provincial Product Accounts

Resolution No. 5. Approving the Regular Conduct of the Household Survey on Domestic Visitors

Resolution No. 6. Approving and Adopting the New Sampling Design of the Quarterly Aquaculture Survey

Resolution No. 7. Approving and Adopting the Philippine Standard Geographic Code Revision 1

Resolution No. 8. Approval and Adoption of the Updated Philippine Core Gender and Development Indicators

Resolution No. 9. Approving and Adopting the Conversion Rate of Fifty Percent on Dry Rubber Content of Cup Lumbs

Resolution No. 10. Endorsing the Adoption of the Statistical Framework for the Science, Technology, and Innovation Sector

Resolution No. 11. Enjoining and Institutionalizing Support to the Annual Celebration of the National Statistics Month (NSM)