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Powers and Functions of the PSA Board

The PSA Board shall have the following powers and functions:

     a) Establish appropriate mechanisms to promote and maintain an efficient and effective statistical system in the government;

     b) Formulate policies on all matters relating to government statistical operations, standards and classifications;

     c) Review the statistical programs of the departments and agencies of the national government and the LGUs and rationalize responsibilities in these government organizations on matters relating to such statistical programs;

     d) Review budgetary proposals involving statistical operations and submit an integrated budget for the PSS to the DBM;

     e) Prescribe appropriate frameworks for the improvement of statistical coordination and establish mechanisms for statistical coordination at the regional and LGU levels;

     f) Provide technical assistance and exercise supervision over major government statistical activities;

     g) Recommend executive and legislative measures to enhance the development and efficiency of the system, including the internal structure of statistical agencies;

     h) Approve the Philippine Statistical Development Program (PSDP).

The PSA Board shall act on and decide matters before it through a Board Resolution by a majority vote of all its members. A majority of the members of the PSA Board shall constitute a quorum in the conduct of its day to day affairs and business.

All agencies of government are hereby mandated to comply with any and all directives requested by the PSA Board, either motu proprio or through the PSA. Failure, without justifiable reason, by any agency to comply with this mandate shall result in the filing of administrative and criminal cases against the erring government personnel and the immediate superior concerned without prejudice to violation of any other law or regulation.

In a criminal case, the penalties provided in the second paragraph of Section 27 of the Act and Rule 30 hereof shall apply. >> See the full content of the R.A. 10625 IRR