This is to advise the public that the Rice and Corn Situation and Outlook, a quarterly special release of the PSA which features the reference quarters’ production estimates and estimates for the next quarter based on standing crop of palay and corn will be discontinued effective April 2019, the last release being on 23 January 2019.  The production estimates generated from the Palay and Corn Production Survey for the reference quarter will be released through the Quarterly Palay and Corn Bulletin, available 60 days after the reference quarter. The production estimates based on standing crop will be disseminated through the monthly special release on Updates on Palay and Corn Estimates available 15 days after the reference month.

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Rice and Corn Situation and Outlook, January 2019 Round

The country’s palay production exhibited a decline of 2.2 percent for October-December 2018. In contrast, corn grew by 10.82 percent from its level in 2017. On the other hand, palay and corn annual outputs were lesser by 1.09 percent and 1.81 percent from their respective levels in the previous year.


The October-December 2018 corn production at 1.81 million metric tons, was higher by 10.8 percent than the 2017 level of 1.63 million metric tons. Harvest area increased to 612 thousand hectares from previous year’s record of 571 thousand hectares. Yield per hectare improved from 2.85 metric tons to 2.95 metric tons or by
3.5 percent (Table 2.1).

  o Cagayan Valley contributed the significant increment in production at 163 thousand metric tons. It was followed by CAR, ARMM, and Caraga with a combined increment of 42 thousand metric tons. The positive growth for these regions, except ARMM, can be attributed mostly to the increases in harvest areas. In addition, yield in Caraga and ARMM were up from the 2017 level.

Production for January-December 2018 at 7.77 million metric tons, decreased by 1.8 percent from the 7.92 million metric tons output in 2017. Likewise, harvest area and yield declined to 2.51 million hectares and 3.09 metric tons per hectare, respectively, from their levels in the previous year (Table 2.2).

Based on standing crop, corn production from January to March 2019 may increase from the previous year’s level of 2.48 million metric tons.