Resolution No. 4
Series of 1988

Clearance of Statistical Survey Forms/Questionnaires

WHEREAS, the NSCB is tasked with the promotion and maintenance of an efficient statistical system in the government;
WHEREAS, there is a need to review the technical aspects of statistical inquiries sponsored and/or conducted by government agencies at the national and/or regional level to ensure the reliability and accuracy of statistics generated and conformity with standard definitions, concepts and classifications;
WHEREAS, the monitoring of forms used in statistical surveys helps to: (a) ensure sound design for data collection; (b) minimize the burden required upon respondents; (c) effect economy in statistical data collection; (d) eliminate unnecessary duplication of statistical data collection; and (e) achieve coordination of government statistical activities;
WHEREAS, the private sector and the public in general has to be informed that a government survey operation has been studied and evaluated as one which is relevant, satisfies standard survey theory and methodology, and does not duplicate other surveys unnecessarily.
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the NSCB Technical Staff shall review and clear survey forms/questionnaires prior to their use in the conduct of statistical surveys which involve at least a sample size of 500 households and/or 200 establishments. However, the forms/questionnaires for surveys whose sample size is below the said cut-offs shall be submitted to the NSCB for information and monitoring
  1. Cleared survey forms/questionnaires shall be assigned clearance numbers and the corresponding expiration dates which should be printed on the survey forms/questionnaires;
  2. The NSCB shall enjoin the general public and the sample respondents in particular, to respond favorably to NSCB cleared survey forms;
  3. The NSCB shall regularly release the list of cleared survey forms to the general public thru the media and it shall also urge the public to furnish the Board survey forms without NSCB clearance numbers for proper monitoring and evaluation of government statistical activities;
  4. The Chairman of the Board shall a issue a Circular to this effect; and
  5. The NSCB Secretary General shall prepare the guidelines and procedures which shall be attached to the above-mentioned circular.
Approved this 24th day of March 1988.