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Last Updated: February 23, 2024

Economic and Financial Data of the Philippines

The data shown in this page correspond to the data described on the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB). For a fuller explanation of the DSBB and the statistical standards to which the Philippines has committed, please visit the DSBB Home Page.

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1. Data are not seasonally adjusted unless specified.  
2. Data are final unless otherwise indicated.

SDDS Data Category and ComponentUnit  
ObservationLink to Source
period of Latest Data
Latest DataPrevious Data
National Accounts
Gross Domestic Product  
(At constant 2018 prices)
In millions of pesosQ4/235,885,831 r/5,053,060 r/PSA
Gross Domestic Product  
(At current prices)
In millions of pesosQ4/237,050,564 r/5,750,557 r/PSA
Production Index 1/  
2018 base year
average indexDec/2397.8 p/105.0 r/PSA
Employment 2/In thousands of personsDec/2350,252 p/49,635 p/PSA
Unemployment 2/In thousands of personsDec/231,602 p/1,833 p/PSA
Wages/ Earnings 3/  
(Average Monthly Wage Rates in Selected Occupations)
monthly average, in pesos202218,42316,486PSA
Consumer Price Index  
2018 base year
monthly average indexJan/24124.8124.1PSA
Producers Price Index 1/  
2000 base year
monthly average indexDec/2398.7p/98.9 r/PSA
Public Sector Operations     
RevenuesIn billions of pesos20172,473,1322,195,914DOF
ExpendituresIn billions of pesos20172,823,7692,549,336DOF
Total Surplus (+) / Deficit (-)In billions of pesos2017-350,637-353,422DOF
Balance Surplus (+) / Deficit (-) of the Non Financial Public EnterprisesIn billions of pesos2017  DOF
Financing 4/In billions of pesos2017663,929220,938DOF
External (Net)In billions of pesos201727,569-24,113DOF
Domestic (Net) In billions of pesos2017636,360245,051DOF
BankIn billions of pesos2017  DOF
Non-BankIn billions of pesos2017  DOF
Central Government Operations 10/
RevenueIn millions of pesosNov/23340,395385,808BTr
ExpendituresIn millions of pesosNov/23433,649420,210BTr
Balance Surplus (+) / Deficit (-)In millions of pesosNov/23-93,254-34,402BTr
FinancingIn millions of pesosNov/2393,25434,402BTr
External (Net)In millions of pesosNov/23-3,58833,735BTr
Domestic (Net) 5/In millions of pesosNov/2396,842667BTr
BankIn millions of pesosNov/23136,404151,193BTr
Non-BankIn millions of pesosNov/231,8163,198BTr
Central Government Debt
TotalIn millions of pesosDec/2314,616,26714,508,723BTr
Domestic DebtIn millions of pesosDec/2310,017,93010,024,409BTr
Short termIn millions of pesosDec/23544,892571,078 BTr
Medium termIn millions of pesosDec/232,273,5682,273,605BTr
Long termIn millions of pesosDec/237,199,4707,179,726 BTr
Foreign Debt In millions of pesosDec/234,598,3374,484,314BTr
Debt guaranteed by central governmentIn millions of pesosDec/23349,440353,138BTr
DomesticIn millions of pesosDec/23181,760189,330 BTr
ForeignIn millions of pesosDec/23167,680163,808BTr
Analytical Accounts of the Depository Corporations Subsector (Banking Subsector) 11/ note
Total Liquidity Aggregates (M4) and Liabilities Excluded from Broad MoneyIn millions of pesosDec/2325,090,862 p/24,402,365 p/, r/ BSP
Currency and Transferable Deposits (M1)In millions of pesosDec/236,835,152 p/6,587,160 p/, r/BSP
Currency Outside Depository Corporations and Deposits (M2)In millions of pesosDec/2316,878,647 p/16,272,929 p/, r/BSP
Broad-Money Liabilities: Domestic Liquidity (M3)In millions of pesosDec/2317,365,942 p/16,761,966 p/, r/BSP
Net Claims on Central GovernmentIn millions of pesosDec/235,188,777 p/4,856,187 p/, r/BSP
Claims on Other SectorsIn millions of pesosDec/2313,367,729 p/13,059,459 p/, r/BSP
Net Foreign AssetsIn millions of pesosDec/236,534,357 p/6,486,719 p/, r/BSP
Analytical Accounts of the Central Bank (Central Bank Survey- SRF based) 11/
Net Foreign AssetsIn millions of pesosJan/245,833,173 p/5,780,798 p/, r/BSP
Domestic ClaimsIn millions of pesosJan/24662,273 p/1,082,691 p/, r/BSP
Reserve MoneyIn millions of pesosJan/243,644,516 p/3,989,322 p/BSP
Liabilities Other than Reserve MoneyIn millions of pesosJan/242,850,929 p/ 2,874,167 p/, r/BSP
Interest rates
91 - day Treasury billsWeighted Average Interest Rate in percent per annum02/12/245.5065.461BTr
Fixed-Rate Treasury BondsCoupon Rate in percent per annum   BTr
  1. 2 years
  1. 3 years
  1. 4 years
  1. 5 years
 01/09/246.073 b6.125 
  1.  5.5 years
  1. 7 years
  1. 10 years
  1. 13 years
  1. 15 years
  1. 20 years
  1. 25 years
BSP Rediscount RateIn percent per annumJan/24....BSP
BSP Policy Rates 6/In percent per annum    
  1. Lending (OLF)
  1. Borrowing (Target RRP)
Stock Market: Share Price Index
Composite Index 7/February 28, 1990 = 1,022.04502/23/246,913.216,903.15PSE
Balance of Payments */In millions of US$Jan/24-740642BSP
Overall Balance of PaymentsIn millions of US$Q3/23-524-1,193BSP-BOP
Current AccountIn millions of US$Q3/23-2,100-4,025BSP
Net Goods and ServicesIn millions of US$Q3/23-11,528-12,237BSP
Net GoodsIn millions of US$Q3/23-16,688-16,281BSP
Exports of GoodsIn millions of US$Q3/2314,53713,814BSP
Imports of GoodsIn millions of US$Q3/2331,22530,095BSP
Net ServicesIn millions of US$Q3/235,1604,045BSP
Exports of ServicesIn millions of US$Q3/2312,62811,161BSP
Imports of ServicesIn millions of US$Q3/237,4677,116BSP
Net Primary IncomeIn millions of US$Q3/231,328919BSP
Net Secondary IncomeIn millions of US$Q3/238,0997,293BSP
Net Capital AccountIn millions of US$Q3/231918BSP
Financial AccountIn millions of US$Q3/23-2,043-2,578BSP
Net Direct InvestmentsIn millions of US$Q3/23-987-1,306BSP
Net Portfolio InvestmentsIn millions of US$ Q3/23862-55BSP
Net Financial DerivativesIn millions of US$Q3/23-50-72BSP
Net Other InvestmentsIn millions of US$Q3/23-1,868-1,145BSP
Change in Net ReservesIn millions of US$Q3/23-524-1,193BSP
International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity 
Gross International Reserves (Official Reserve Assets) 11/In millions of US$Jan/24103,270 r/103,753 r/BSP
International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity (Complete template) 11/In millions of US$Dec/23BSPBSPBSP
International Investment Position (IIP) 11/In millions of US$Q3/23-49,982-49,630BSP
AssetsIn millions of US$Q3/23227,948230,307BSP
Direct InvestmentIn millions of US$Q3/2369,57469,188BSP
Portfolio InvestmentIn millions of US$Q3/2332,53533,543BSP
Financial DerivativesIn millions of US$Q3/23870648BSP
Other InvestmentIn millions of US$Q3/2326,85427,541BSP
Reserve AssetsIn millions of US$Q3/2398,11699,387BSP
LiabilitiesIn millions of US$Q3/23277,931279,936BSP
Direct InvestmentIn millions of US$Q3/23117,484117,526BSP
Portfolio InvestmentIn millions of US$Q3/2380,71285,172BSP
Financial DerivativesIn millions of US$Q3/23358379BSP
Other InvestmentIn millions of US$Q3/2379,37776,860BSP
External Debt
External DebtIn millions of US$Q3/23118,833117,918BSP
Merchandise Trade
Total ExportsIn millions of US$ (F.O.B.)Dec/235,779.00 p/6,231.01 r/PSA
Total ImportsIn millions of US$ (F.O.B.)Dec/239,792.39 p/10,960.29 r/PSA
Trade BalanceIn millions of US$ (F.O.B)Dec/23-4,013.39 p/-4,729.28 r/PSA
Exchange Rates
Philippine Peso Per US Dollar Rate 8/weighted average interbank rates02/23/2455.8956.00BSP
Forward Rates    BSP
Population 9/In millions05/01/2020109,035,343 PSA

*/ Data are based on Balance of Payments and International Investments Position Manual, 6th Edition (BPM6)

**/ Includes P540 billion Short-term borrowing

1/ The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is availing the flexibility option for this category.

2/ The periodicity of Employment and Unemployment data is every quarter particularly every January, April, July and October. Previous data refers to the previous round of the Labor Force Survey and is not seasonally adjusted. The reference period is the "past week" referring to the seven days preceding the date of visit of the enumerator. Starting April 2005, the new unemployment definition was adopted per NSCB Resolution No. 15 dated October 20, 2004, to wit: the unemployed include all persons who are 15 years old and above as of their last birthday and are reported as (1) without work; AND (2) currently available for work; AND (3) seeking work OR not seeking work due to valid reasons.

3/ The data refers to the average monthly wage rate across the selected occupations in the selected industries. The Philippines is using the "as relevant" flexibility for this data and will publish wage rates statistics with a periodicity of two years and a timeliness of 12 months.

4/ January - November 2005. The data include only the financing of the national government, and the 14 monitored non-financial government corporations (MNGGCs).

5/ Breakdown of domestic financing was revised due to the change in the basis used for the calculation

6/ Beginning 3 June 2016, the BSP shifted its monetary operations to an interest rate corridor (IRC) system. The repurchase (RP) window was replaced by the standing overnight lending facility (OLF). Meanwhile, the reverse repurchase (RRP) facility was modified to a purely overnight RRP.

7/ The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) is the main index of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). It is composed of the 30 largest and most active common stocks listed at the PSE. Daily updates are available at the PSE website.

8/ Daily updates and other convertible currencies with the BSP are available at the BSP website.

9/ Population Projection by Single-Year Interval (Medium Assumption). Previous data is for 2007.

10/ Scheduled release of CGO statistics as posted in the advance release calendar (ARC) will be postponed until further notice in view of the ongoing enhanced community quarantine in Luzon as a precautionary measure against the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

11/ On 17 March 2020, the BSP issued an announcement on the delay of release of statistics on DCS, CBS, International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity, Reserves Template and IIP, which were committed in the 2020 ARC of SDDS and NSDP. In view of the ongoing enhanced community quarantine in Luzon as a precautionary measure against the spread of COVID-19, the scheduled release of these statistics will be postponed until further notice. The announcement of the BSP on the postponement of these statistics was posted at:


OWSOccupational Wages Survey
OPSFOil Price Stabilization Fund
OLFLeading Facility
RRPReverse Repurchase

Sources of Data:

BSPBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
BTrBureau of Treasury
DOFDepartment of Finance
PSEPhilippine Stock Exchange
PSAPhilippine Statistics Authority