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2022 Statistical Indicators on Philippine Development

Release Date:

The Statistical Indicators on Philippine Development (StatDev) is an instrument formulated and maintained by the PSA as a means by which economic progress and social change can be monitored and measured more effectively.  It aims to serve as an early warning measure by showing the likelihood of achieving the economic and social development goals set forth in the Philippine Development Plan (PDP), including the midterm updates. Thus, the StatDev framework is necessarily congruent with the current PDP and is revised each time a new plan is formulated.

Updates are collected annually and released every July. The reference periods of the data vary depending on the latest available data from the source agencies.  StatDev results are released on the PSA website along with technical notes and infographics.

StatDev 2022 features the overall performance of the 493 indicators across 15 sectoral chapters and nine (9) core indicators and headline targets covered and publicly available in the Enhanced PDP 2017-2022 Results Matrices Midterm Update, with latest available data mostly up to 2022 to as far back as 2017.

The PDP sectoral chapters with their corresponding StatDev 2022 indicators by performance and year of latest data available are reflected in the tables and figures below.