TABLE 4 Total Population 15 Years Old and Over and Rates of Labor Force Participation, Employment

Reference Number: 2020-050
Release Date: March 4, 2020

Using the 2015 POPCEN-Based Population Projection (In Thousands except Rates)



The revised estimates for January 2019 key employment indicators using the 2015 POPCEN-based population projection for population 15 years old and over (71.9 million)  and those in the labor force (43.3 million), employed (41.0 million), unemployed (2.3 million) and population 15 years old and over who were not in the labor force (28.6 million) were lower than the estimates computed using the 2010 CPH-based population projection (as shown in the table).

The 2015 POPCEN-Based population projection will be used in the LFS effective January 2020.


National Statistician and Civil Registrar General

Labor Force by Year

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July 2020 Labor Force Survey (Preliminary Results)


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