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2018 Census of Philippine Business and Industry: Transportation and Storage

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Reference Number: 2021-055

Industry Section H includes ten (10) industry groups covering the activities on the provision of passenger or freight transport, whether scheduled or not, by rail, pipeline, road, water or air and associated activities such as terminal and parking facilities, cargo handling, storage etc. Also included in this section are the renting of transport equipment with driver or operator, and the postal and courier activities.

Figure 1 presents the selected statistics on the number of establishments, total employment, total revenue, total expense, and total value added. It also includes ratios on employment per establishment, revenue per expense and value added per employee. Growth rates on these selected statistics and indicators from the results of the 2012 CPBI are also presented. (Figure 1 and Table A)

Support activities for transportation industry group had the most number of establishments

A total of 3,377 establishments engaged in transportation and storage services operated in 2018. This recorded a growth rate of 45.1 percent or 1,050 establishments more compared to 2,327 establishments in 2012. (Table A and Figure 1)

Support activities for transportation industry had the highest number of establishments with 1,443 comprising 42.7 percent of the total for the section, most of which were engaged in freight forwarding services with 663 establishments. This was followed by other land transport industry group with 1,081 establishments (32.0%) registered and transport via buses industry group which registered 290 establishments (8.6%). (Table 1A and Figure 2)

Across regions, about 40.0 percent of the total establishments engaged in transportation and storage services were in National Capital Region (NCR). Central Visayas and CALABARZON placed far second and third with 11.4 percent and 9.6 percent shares, respectively. (Table 3A)

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Support activities for transportation employed the highest number of workers

In 2018, the total employment in transportation and storage services was recorded at 206,024. This number excluded the other 15,843 workers hired on sub-contract agreement or under manpower agencies.

Support activities for transportation industry group, with the highest number of establishments, also employed the largest number of workers at 74,426 (36.1% share). Other land transport with 31,795 workers (15.4%) ranked second, closely followed by transport via buses with 31,616 workers (15.4%). (Table 1A and Figure 3)

Figure 3 Transpo

Among the regions, NCR recorded the biggest share in employment comprising 119,191 or 57.9 percent of the total workforce in the section. Central Visayas with 11.3 percent (23,353) placed far second, followed by CALABARZON with 8.9 percent (18,237). The least number of workers was recorded in Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) with 280 or 0.1 percent of the total. (Table 3A)

Transportation and Storage section payed a total compensation of PhP 71.9 billion

The total compensation in 2018 amounted to PhP 71.9 billion, 81.3 percent higher compared to PhP 39.7 billion in 2012.

The computed average annual compensation was at PhP 351.8 thousand per paid employee in 2018, an increase of PhP 82.3 thousand from 2012. (Table A)

Among the industry groups, support activities for transportation paid the largest share in total compensation amounting to PhP 27.2 billion (37.9% share), followed by passenger air transport with PhP 19.6 billion (27.2%) and sea and coastal water transport which paid PhP 5.8 billion (8.1%) of the total compensation. (Table 1)

The highest paid employees are engaged in passenger air transport industry group with an average annual compensation of PhP 1.4 million. The support activities for transportation and freight air transport industry groups also surpassed the average annual compensation for the section but the value for freight air transport industry group was suppressed due to statistical disclosure control. (Figure 4)

Figure 4 Transpo

By region, employers in NCR spent the largest share in total compensation amounting to PhP 55.3 billion (76.9%). Employees in NCR also received the highest average annual compensation of PhP 466,080. (Table 3)

Passenger air transport contributed the biggest share in revenue and expense

Total revenue generated by the section summed up to PhP 738.6 billion in 2018, a 97.9 percent growth from the PhP 373.1 billion in 2012. Meanwhile, total expense amounted to PhP 636.4 billion in 2018, an increase of 89.0 percent from the PhP 336.7 billion in 2012. This translated to an increase of PhP365.5 billion in revenue and PhP 299.8 billion in expenses. (Table A and Figure 1)

Passenger air transport establishments earned and spent the biggest with PhP 291.9 billion (39.5%) in revenue and PhP 277.4 billion (43.6%) in expenses. Support activities for transportation ranked second both in terms of revenue and expenses with PhP 279.2 billion (37.8%) and PhP 195.1 billion (30.7%), respectively. (Table 1A and Figure 5)

NCR generated the highest revenue amounting to PhP 611.2 billion (82.7%) and also spent the highest at PhP 535.0 billion (84.1% share). This was followed by CALABARZON and Central Visayas with total revenue of PhP 38.2 billion (5.2%) and PhP 31.9 billion (4.3%), respectively. In terms of expense, CALABARZON spent PhP 31.2 billion (4.9%) and Central Visayas spent PhP 30.3 billion (4.8%). (Table 3A)

Figure 6 Transpo

Revenue-expense ratio stood at 1.2

Revenue-expense ratio for the section was computed at 1.2. Across industry groups, Support activities for transportation posted the highest ratio of 1.4, followed by warehousing and storage with 1.3. (Table 2)

Value added amounted to PhP 242.6 billion

Value added in the transportation and storage services totaled PhP 242.6 billion in 2018. Support activities for transportation topped the highest value added with PhP 138.4 billion (57.0%), followed by passenger air transport with PhP 53.3 billion (22.0%). (Table 1A and Figure 6)

Figure 6 Transpo


Labor productivity value was PhP 1.2 million

Value added per employee, a measure of labor productivity, was estimated at PhP 1.2 million. Passenger air transport with PhP 3.8 million and support activities for transportation with PhP 1.9 million both exceeded the national figure. (Table 2)

Subsidies amounted to PhP 10.1 billion

Subsidies granted by the government to the section amounted to PhP 10.1 billion in 2018. (Table 1)

Passenger air transport collected PhP 181.0 billion in E-commerce

E-Commerce refers to the selling of products or services over electronic systems. Sales from E-commerce added up to PhP 182.7 for the section. Passenger air transport had the biggest share amounting to PhP 181.0 billion. (Table 1)



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